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Ars: Slingplayer Didn't Change for AT&T, AT&T Tested and Got Comfortable with Sling

Chris Foresman over at Ars Technica spoke with Sling Media regarding AT&T's recent announcement that they'd now allow SlingPlayer to work over 3G, and general manager John Gilmore had this to say:

"We actually have been working very intensively with AT&T to get the 3G streaming approved," Gilmore told Ars. "Over the course of the last couple of months, they have been testing the app in their labs."Gilmore said that AT&T was able to determine that SlingPlayer Mobile wouldn't significantly impact network performance after extensive testing. "We always felt comfortable that that wasn't the case," he told Ars. "As we built our relationship with AT&T, we were able to prove to them that our app wouldn't cause a negative customer impact. We always felt that our app was a 'good network citizen.'"

Gilmore further said Sling didn't change any code for AT&T but that they have, and will continue to improve it.


Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

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  • I wonder if this would ever open the door for ATT to let U verse customers steam their record programs from their home DVRs to an iphone. Now that would be cool to me.
  • Why do people always say first? Is there like a prize or something for being first? Does tipb send you a new piece of tech or a hot chick or something?
  • I wanna know when I the update coming out?
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  • @Dan-
    I am waiting for Uverse to do that as well. ATT could update their Uverse app to allow viewing of recorded DVR content or live streaming. That would be unreal, IMO.
  • UVerse... or... how 'bout NETFLIX :) Course the number of users with a slingbox vs the number of users with a NetFlix account probably don't compare equitably
  • Does anyone have any experience using Slingbox in general, and Slingbox for iPhone in particular. I've always hesitated to get one, because I've read that slinging over the internet isn't that great. Anyone tried it?
  • Complete GARBAGE.... No one should ever waste there money on this poorly written App.
  • I use the app on wifi and think it works pretty well. Over 3g, (which I used to do on a windows mobile phone) the picture will vary but is better than nothing and buy it again. I am looking forward to the 3g change.
  • @ hungteen, what's better than slingplayer?
  • @WatersWest, and anyone else wondering that:
    I've had a SlingBox PRO w/HD (as opposed to the more recent PRO-HD) for over two years now, and I've streamed internationally (central Europe, 9 time zones away) for over six months at one time over a then draft-802.11n WiFi network. It has always worked incredibly well, including on my BlackBerry, iPhone 3GS, and Treo Pro (Windows Mobile).
    You have to make sure that you get enough Mbps UPSTREAM where your SlingBox is.
    This is good news for us Slingers, but it doesn't really make that big a difference, as I've been using My3G (another 3G Unrestrictor Jailbreak app), and slinging over AT&T has always worked well for me.
  • Sling over 3G works awesome. Don't let anyone tell you different. I had it on my blackberry bold and it works perfectly. Sure, if you have crappy 3G (2 bars or less) it skips and is a sucky experience but if you have strong coverage it's clear as can be. Trust me, thousands of people are going nuts because they approved 3G Sling Streaming. Don't miss out on having tv on your iPhone. For a one time fee of a few hundred bucks you'll always be a click away from your tv.
  • Slingplayer w 3G unrestricter is the reason I jailbreak. It's about time!
  • @Scott-
    Is there a big difference between Slingbox Solo and Pro-HD? I don't need multiple inputs (just Uverse DVR), so I think I am ok with Solo.
    Does Pro-HD allow me to watch something different on my iphone that someone else is watching on the TV connected to the slingbox? I think Solo only allows one view, but I wasn't sure about Pro-HD.
  • I originally jailbroke so I wouldn't be limited to wifi. I stream my TiVo HD with the basic slingbox solo since my upload speeds aren't good enough for the slingbox prohd. I use it on 3G and over my Verizon mifi mainly because AT&T sucks around here. I couldn't be happier with my investment! Even more so with the iPad coming out. I also stream my netflix to my phone. It's great for watching sports when you can't be near a tv.
  • Your upload speeds need to be at least 1.5MBPS to enjoy HD streaming with the pro HD. my upload speeds are a measly 512 so I went with the solo. As soon as my cable company upgrades the speeds I am getting the pro.
  • slingbox solo w 3g unreatrictor is what i use .. works pretty dam flawlessly.. best 179.99 plus 30 plus 10 bucks i ever spent
    sling app
    3g unrestrictor
  • One additional question ... Does something like the AirPort Express Base Station provide a sufficient connection for the DVR on the home end, or does it have to be wired via Ethernet?
  • Slingboxes need a wired connection or you can use sling's powerline adapter like I had to. I used a TiVo with a wireless adapter.
  • wow its very nice would be very informative
  • What exactly does the IR transmitter do for the Slingbox. If I have the Slingbox Solo connected via composite cables to my Uverse DVR box, do I need to use the IR transmitter to change live stream channels or watch recorded DVR content?
  • The IR transmitter is so that your slingbox can control the dvr remotely. When you make a command through your iPhone to change channels or whatever, it sends that command to the slingbox and in turn the slingbox commands the dvr via IR since your not there with your remote control
  • JTZ5 I have a Sling HD. If you have a really strong connection it is unreal on a laptop or iMac screen. If you are making the purchase just for viewing on the iPhone def go with the solo. I believe no matter which sling you use, whichever cable box you dedicate to the sling is what will be controlled. In other words people at home are watching what you are on the sling and vice versa. Attach it to a box you use least often.
  • @Scott-
    Thanks for the info. We have an AT&T Uverse cable box in the bedroom that doesn't have a DVR, but we can access DVR recordings from it from the living room Uverse DVR box. I wonder if the Slingbox could use that bedroom cable box and access living room DVR?
    There is no ethernet cable up in the bedroom but I guess I can use an Airport Extreme to plug into my Time Capsule network that is connected in the living room?
  • I meant use an Airport Express not Extreme...
  • Where ever you have the slingbox hooked up to, it will control exactly the same content you currently have with the same controls. Therefore if you can control your dvr from the bedroom tv then it shouldn't be a problem at all.
  • Airport express won't work for what you need. Use sling's slinglink which is their powerline adapter.
  • @MV-
    why won't airport express work? It has an Ethernet out to connect to slingbox and will connect to my Time Cspsule wirelessly?
  • Last question...what's the point of Slingcatcher? Can't I just use my Macbook Slingbox software and connect to a remote TV with DVI to HDMI cable from Macbook to TV?
  • From what I had read and was told when I was setting my slingbox/tivo setup up, is that it wouldnt work how I wanted it. Another reason is that I would prefer not to stream that much over my wireless connection because even though its wireless N, its only working as wireless G because of two iphones on the network. Also when the time capsule goes off every hour, it bogs down everything. With a powerline adapter, it just sends the internet through your power lines (as long as its not connected to a surge protector), so you never have to worry about network strength. Lastly, I got the slinglink cheaper than an airport express.
    The slingcatcher is if you want to stream it to another room in the house or to another house all together. I will eventually get one myself but not until the cable company upgrades the upload speeds to at least 1.5mbps. Yes I imagine you could use your macbook slingbox software, I assume the slingcatcher just works better since its a settop box with its own remote.
  • I have the simple slingbox in my bedroom.
    My slingbox doesn't show the correct remote and thus, I can't change channels
  • I have been told by a friend who works for AT&T, that they are looking to roll out a software update that will allow you to watch your dvr shows on any computer through a browser. I assume this would hit slingbox hard, but I am definitely looking forward to it as a UVerse customer. I assume the recordings would be able to be viewed on any smartphone browser as well. That might be the killer app for UVerse.
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