What you need to know

  • Steve Jobs' fruitarian diet hospitalised Ashton Kutcher.
  • Kutcher tried Jobs' experimental diet to get into his mind
  • An overdose of carrot juice landed Kutcher in hospital.

Ashton Kutcher, talking on First We Feast's hot sauce fuelled talk show 'Hot Ones' hosted by Sean Evans, has revealed how he was hospitalised by Steve Job's experimental fruitarian diet prior to filming biopic 'Jobs'.

Kutcher, recalls how when studying Steve Jobs' character in order to play the role, he discovered that Jobs' had read a book the healing properties of a fruit-based diet. In studying Jobs' eating habits and behaviour, Kutcher learned that Jobs' used to drink a lot of carrot juice. Naturally he decided to give it a go, in order to get himself into the mindset of perhaps the tech world's most iconic figure. Kutcher also hoped it would give his skin the orange tint that Jobs' skin had.

Kutcher says he drank carrot juice "non-stop, all day long". 2 weeks prior to filming however, he began to experience severe back pain and eventually wound up in hospital on the highest dose of Dilaudid available. Doctors told him that he was suffering from pancreas issues induced by the collosal amounts of carrot juice he had been ingesting.

Kutcher recalls freaking out about "the ghost of Steve Jobs" taking over his pancreas. Jobs' himself of course died of pancreatice cancer. Thankfully, it was just the carrot juice which had brought on some severe pancreatitis.

You can check out the whole interview below, and the 'Jobs' talk begins at 12 minutes 30 seconds.