Tweetie 2.0 is one hotly anticipated Twitter client update, and developer Atebits has finally let the lid off just what features users can expect:

  • iPhone 3.x only
  • Full persistence
  • Full offline mode
  • Drafts manager
  • Send drafts to Birdhouse
  • Link Twitter contacts to Address Book
  • Threaded conversations
  • Nearby integrated with imbedded maps
  • Geotagging support
  • Saved searches to sync with and Tweetie Mac
  • @people picker
  • Recent hashtags
  • Multiple attachments manager
  • Peek gesture for replies
  • Landscape support
  • Profile editing
  • Improved gesture shortcuts
  • imbedded email
  • New-style re-tweet support
  • Refresh all on launch
  • TextExpander support
  • Read it Longer and Instapaper integration
  • Go-to-User, searches autocomplete
  • In reply TwitLonger
  • Reply chain list view
  • Short URL preview
  • Tweet translation
  • Block/follow from multiple accounts

And -- wait for it -- Atebits claims it's kept Tweetie's trademark iPhone-like UI concept:

Every single one of these features fits naturally into the user interface, none adds unnecessary complexity. It’s arguably even simpler than Tweetie 1, all while being vastly more powerful.

While Tweetie 2 for Mac will be a free upgrade, Tweetie 2 for iPhone will be offered as a new app for $2.99. It's been submitted to Apple, so all that's left is the approval process.