Atmospheric puzzle adventure Fracter headed soon to iPhone

If you're a fan of such eerie and dark atmospheric games as Limbo and Playdead's INSIDE, get ready for another adventure that takes place in the darkest of environments with new and interesting puzzles to solve. Are you fighting darkness with light? Or is the darkness in you?

I don't know much about the upcoming Fracter game, developed by up-and-comer 4L Games. I can tell you that it's coming to iPhone and Android this summer and I'm already getting excited about what's to come.

Fracter is an emotive, isometric puzzle adventure game set in a mysterious labyrinth of glowing black architecture. The game follows a veiled young hero who has set out on a perilous quest to dispel the darkness within.

It's got a bit of exploration, finding hidden secrets, and avoiding baddies, all while trying to solve unique puzzles.

There's also going to be an "eerie ambient soundtrack" that I'm most excited about. Remember when PlayDead's INSIDE's soundtrack was recorded using bone-conducting methods? Fracter may not go quite that far with its atmospheric tunes, but I'll bet it's going to be a good one.

The features 4L list include:

  • Meticulously crafted puzzles
  • Striking black and white aestetic
  • designed for gamers of all levels
  • Hauntingly beautiful soundtrack
  • Poetic, self-reflective narrative
  • Multi-option navigation controls
  • Combines gameplay of puzzle, adventure, and arcade

You can check out more at the Fracter website for now. I'll have more info before its summer release.

Lory Gil

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