Aukey Omnia Gan ChargersSource: AUKEY

What you need to know

  • AUKEY has updated its popular Omnia GaN chargers with three new models.
  • The high-end gained 65W, 90W, and 100W options.
  • They feature up to four ports each.

AUKEY has announced three new members of the Omnia GaN charger lineup with 65W, 90W, and 100W models now available. The new chargers are powerful yet small and feature up to four USB-A and USB-C ports for extra charging power.

All three models feature GaN technology which enables them to be smaller than traditional chargers while packing a bigger punch. The addition of foldable plugs makes these chargers the perfect travel companion as well. Once we all start traveling again, that is.

Aukey Omnia ChipSource: AUKEY

Through a combination of advanced GaN (gallium nitride) technology and Power Delivery 3.0, AUKEY Omnia multi-port chargers with OmniaChipTM allow for a significantly reduced size compared to traditional chargers. They are around 50% smaller than MacBook stock chargers1, without sacrificing any of the charging power and speed. In addition, the GaN powered OmniaChipTM enables up to 100 times2 increase in switching frequencies and 20 times improved performance than traditional silicon while keeping the internal components cool. Omnia chargers also come equipped with built-in foldable plugs, which not only allow for maximum portability, but also offer protection from scratching when placing them into bags.

At the very tip f the range is the impressive 100W 4-port charger that has two USB-A and two USB-C outputs. Those outputs can be used to power a 16-inch MacBook Pro at full speed – something not all chargers are capable of. The impressive AUKEY PAB7 is available for $56.99 now.

Need a little less power? The Omnia 90W 3-port PD Charger (PA-B6S) retails for $49.99 while the Omnia 65W Dual-Port PD Charger (PA-B3) is just $37.99.

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