Auto-pause and improved buffering comes to Pandora for iOS

Pandora for iOS has been given a nice, if not huge, update that's clearly aimed at improving the overall user experience. Version 4.4 adds an auto-pause function that kicks in and pauses your music the instant you mute your device, a handy touch to have, and slightly easier than turning on the screen first to manually pause, for sure. Also, in an effort to improve playback quality, Pandora claims to have improved buffering so if you find yourself on a "flaky connection" you shouldn't experience as much stuttering.

Otherwise, the usual smorgasbord of generic bug fixes and improvements are thrown in for good measure, and URL's that previously only worked on the Pandora website are now accessible within the app. Good news. Grab it now from the App Store, and be sure to let us know if in particular you're experiencing better playback now with less buffering.

Richard Devine

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