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Avid Studio for iPad delivers some real competition to Apple's iMovie

Avid Studio is a new app that lets you edit video, audio and photographs right on your iPad. And if you think Apple’s iPad version of iMovie has just gotten some real competition in the video editing space -- you're right.

Avid and Apple have been battling it out for years now in the professional space, with Avid's high end movie editing kit seeing competition from Apple's much lower priced Final Cut Studio. Several prominent directors switched from Avid to make high profile movies using Final Cut. Following Apple's recent re-invention of the digital editing model with Final Cut X, they faced a lot of push back from unhappy editors who missed features or simply didn't like the new software. Apple did, however, achieve some consistency across their editing software, with everything from iMovie on iPhone and iPad, to iMovie on Mac, to Final Cut Pro embracing similar user interface and design concepts.

Now Avid is bringing the battle back to Apple, and on Apple's mobile turf for a change. We'll have a full hands-on, and a side-by-side comparison with iMovie coming your ways soon. In the meantime, here are all the details on Avi

Big-screen moviemaking comes to the touchscreen with Avid® Studio for iPad. We’ve distilled the world’s leading film-editing technology into an easy-to-use app that enables you to edit video, audio, and photos at the speed of your creativity. Swiftly arrange your clips in the Storyboard, make precision edits using the Timeline, and add high-quality transitions, effects, and a soundtrack. Then share your movie directly to YouTube, Facebook, and more—or export your project to Avid Studio for the PC and continue editing with even more advanced tools.

Easily Access Your Media

  • Work with any media on your device—video, audio, and photos
  • Access media from external devices via an iPad Camera Connection Kit (sold separately)
  • Capture video and photos from within the app
  • See your media organized by Albums, Events, Faces, and more


  • Get started quickly with how-to materials
  • Easily navigate your project with intuitive gestures
  • Swiftly arrange clips in the Storyboard
  • Make precise edits and trim individual frames in the Precision Trimmer
  • Use the Razor Blade tool to cut on the fly and delete or replace the second half of the clip
  • Easily replace one clip with another


  • Quickly create multi-layer 3D animations, transitions, and titles with included Montage templates
  • Easily composite video tracks to create layered looks
  • Add high-quality fades and dissolves to help your story flow
  • Generate professional-looking motion titles and graphics with full control over text, font, color, size, position, and rotation
  • Create amazing Picture-in-Picture effects with full control over position, size, and rotation
  • Pan and zoom on your photos to create high-impact slideshows
  • Enjoy full-screen playback

Create Soundtracks

  • Use your own audio or choose from the included sound effects
  • Trim audio to any length, set levels, and fade audio in or out


  • Easily share movies via YouTube, Facebook, email, and more
  • Export projects to Avid Studio for the PC

Pro Technology, Pro Results

  • Created by Avid, the maker of the world’s leading film and music editing technology
  • Easy enough for the hobbyist, powerful enough for the pro

Avid Studio is available for just the iPad and costs $4.99. You have to be running a minimum of iOS 5 to use the applications.

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  • This will probably rock on the quad core iPad 3.
  • As I read this I thought this was going to be a lot of money.
    the I saw $4.99
    BAM, Im in, thats a NICE PRICE
  • I wonder if it will crash as much as Pinnacle Studio does. :)
  • don't know but i know Avid is used by a lot of professionals and studios. I've used a pinnacle home version and the interface is nice but on some old versions it did crash and hang all the time. i used it once and got so deep into a video edit that i couldn't stop but when i was done i only every tried to use a pinnacle product once. But i'd bet Avid's professional background means it's pretty stable. But i'm sure that will be answered when people use it.
  • You're right that specs don't matter to most pelope (and probably never did, unless you really are a Tegra 2 loving wife, in which case, hello sailor), but the reason why is interesting. Specs work in isolation from each other: RAM, Ghz, GB, etc; they don't add up to anything, and can't tell you anything about the user experience. The specs inside iPad 1, if you were just looking at them compared to a laptop, are lousy, and would be lousy in a laptop expected to run desktop OS X. Apple changed the game by changing what was required of hardware, by rethinking the OS requirements from the ground up, to use as little of the hardware as possible while reimaginging the user experience as well. And while the iPad 2 is improved, I can't say the iPad 1 ever felt sluggish (note, however, one of the tradeoffs: a reduced product upgrade lifetime, in that the iPhone 3G didn't take to iOS 4 so well, and the 3GS only a little better; getting two or at most three years of upgradability out of a mobile device seems pretty good, but not acceptable for a desktop or laptop). To say your wife will love the Tegra 2 is both condescending and wrong: no one will care if the Tegra 2 is still sluggish because the software is bloated (or just bad). No one will care if the iPad 1 has 256MB of RAM, if it feels snappy. Which it does. Of course, the age-old problem of software control remains: a hardware maker, who doesn't write their own software, can't make it snappy (which is the thing pelope really do care about), so they fall back on what they do control, the numbers.
  • lol. i just noticed they are by the same company. Well maybe that's why i liked the interface. So i guess all that professional experience may not translate into stability. lol.
  • In a past life, when my job was video production, our facility revolved around Avid Media Composer -- had a decent learning curve, but a wonderful setup once you got going. It is a little expensive for my hobbyist needs nowadays, though; too bad there is not a Mac version of Avid Studio to finish/tune projects begun on the iPad.
  • It seems that you can only save a video project in 720p,not 1080p. That's a big disappointment. iMovie saves in 1080p,I wonder why avid won't. Things that make you go hmmmmm.
  • Sadly you don't seem to be able to import music from Garageband.
  • Bought and tried it but this 1.0 version crashes all the time and is basically useless. I cant understand how they can release it in this state.. Not many (2) hardware configs possible, right ? I hope they fix this soon.
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