Avido's new WiBa Wireless Charging Power Bank lets you power up on the go

Today, Maryland-based consumer technology manufacturer Avido launched the latest addition to its line of chargers. Called WiBa, the two-part charging system combines the functionalities of a wire-free contact charging dock and a portable power bank into one convenient package. It's a must-have accessory for those who love the cable-free nature of wireless charging but are always out and about, allowing users to wirelessly juice up their compatible devices while on the move.

To use WiBa, all you need to do is place the power bank on the charging pad in order to charge it wirelessly. After the bank is sufficiently powered up, you can use it to charge your Qi-compatible phone cord-free whenever and wherever you'd like. Just set it it on a surface (or even in a pocket) and place your phone atop or against it, and ta-da! It will begin quick-charging your device. What's more, the WiBa charging system also comes with a two slim metal plates — one in black, one in white — that easily attach to the back of your phone or supported phone case, assuring that it stays magnetically attached to the power bank and will not slide off. WiBa can charge your smartphone up to 2 times on a single charge, and has built-in LED status lights that make it easy to see the remaining power level.

If you want, you can also charge both the power bank and your phone simultaneously by stacking them atop the charging pad. Or, if you prefer, you can directly charge your device using the charging pad while at home.

Kevin Lance, founder and president of Avido, shared his enthusiasm about WiBa's uniqueness in a statement:

We set out to craft a wireless charging system without compromise. WiBa seamlessly combines the best wireless charging technology for the home or office with the portability of a wireless charging power bank, all without the hassle of cables. There's simply nothing like it on the market today.

If you're interested in testing out the WiBa wireless charging system for yourself, you can pre-order one soon by heading to the Avido website. The system is priced at $99.95, and is expected to ship sometime in February of this year.

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