Blue iMac (2021) heroSource: Luke Filipowicz / iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple's rumored larger Apple silicon iMac might not be ready until next year after all.
  • Apple still hasn't released an Apple silicon iMac larger than 24 inches.

Apple has recently been rumored to have a new, larger iMac in the works that could potentially launch later this year. That now seems less likely after a new report claimed that Apple won't have the larger, more powerful iMac ready until 2022.

According to a new tweet by leaker @dylandkt, Apple has decided against bringing the larger iMac to market this year because it doesn't want the machine to compete with other products that are still in the pipeline. While we still expect iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, and possibly new iPads to arrive, new Macs are in the cards as well. And too many launches mean diluting the attention any one product can receive.

And then there are the ongoing component shortages, too.

The larger iMac is expected to replace the current 27-inch Intel product, likely with a new M1-derivative that will outperform current models. Rumors suggested that we might see that device soon, but now it appears potential buyers will have to sit on their credit cards for a few more months.

The current M1 iMac is a great buy, of course. While the 24-inch size might be a little small for some, it'll be perfect for others. It's well priced as well, but you should still check out our list of the best iMac deals around before you place any orders.

Anonymous leaker @dylandkt has had some success with their predictions and reports in the past, so there could well be something to this latest tweet. I'll be hoping not on this occassion, though!