Belkin Magsafe Charger PadSource: Belkin

What you need to know

  • Belkin's new MagSafe charger has a kickstand built in.
  • The new wireless charger supports 15W MagSafe charging.
  • Belkin's new charger is available in both black and white.

Belkin is a company that tends to make the products that Apple doesn't want to and it seems to have been at it again, this time announcing a new Portable Wireless Charger Pad with MagSafe that's designed to not only charge your iPhone but prop it up as well.

Designed to work with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, the new charger supports everything you would expect a MagSafe charger to support. That means you can expect magnets and 15W charging, but this particular charger has a trick up its sleeve — it has a kickstand built in, too. Combine that with the long 6.6ft cable and this could be the ultimate in portable charging. So long as you're within 6ft of an outlet.

This portable wireless charger pad was engineered with official MagSafe technology to deliver fast wireless charging up to 15W for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12, and allows you to keep using your phone while it charges thanks to a thoughtfully designed pop-up stand and an extra-long cable. The magnetic attachment ensures perfect, snap on alignment every time, while a slim, lightweight design makes this charger perfect for travel, and three understated colorways fit seamlessly into any home or office space.

While we're talking about the positives we should mention the fact that you get to choose between both white and black colors. But then we get onto the negative — the price. You'll have to pay $59.99 to get your hands on one of these things which is pretty steep. Especially when you remember that there is no power brick in the box.

The price aside, this could be one of the best iPhone chargers you're likely to find, especially if you sometimes want to watch content at your desk. You can order a Wireless Charger Pad with MagSafe direct from Belkin now.

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