Now that you have an Apple TV 4K, you can't just go around all willy-nilly with your accessories. You've got to make sure your peripherals are as classy as the set-top box itself. Whether you're listening to tunes, playing high-graphics video games, or watching your favorite movie in 4K, here are the best accessories for your new Apple TV 4K.

  • Belkin Ultra High Speed 4K HDMI cable
  • Samsung Dolby ATMOS soundbar
  • TotalMount Apple TV mount
  • SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Game Controller
  • Elago R1 Intelli Case
  • Elago D Stand Charging Station

Belkin Ultra High Speed 4K HDMI cable

With your new Apple TV 4K comes the need for the best viewing and listening experience. Belkin's Ultra High Speed 4K HDMI cable is Dolby Vision HDR compatible and supports up to 4096 X 2160 resolution with a bandwidth up to 48Gbps. It's like it was made for Apple TV. The cable is 6.5-feet long, giving you plenty of wiggle room for finding the perfect spot for your Apple TV.

iMore Editor in Chief, Rene Ritchie, got some advice from friends in the industry and was told that this is the best HDMI cable on the marked specifically for Apple TV 4k. It costs $30.

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Samsung Dolby ATMOS soundbar

Now that you have such a high-quality set-top box, you're going to need a soundbar that can handle the Dolby ATMOS audio power that Apple TV 4K supports. Samsung makes a top-of-the-line ATMOS soundbar with 350 watts of power. It has 11 built-in speakers, including two upward-firing drivers. When you're ready to go full surround sound, you can invest in Samsung Radiant360 speakers, which you can mount anywhere you darn well please because they connect to the K850 wirelessly.

Samsung's Dolby ATMOS soundbar is available directly from the company for $1,000. You can finance it from Samsung for about $84 per month with no interest for the first year.

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TotalMount Apple TV mount

If you don't like the look of your Apple TV 4K sitting any old place on your dresser or entertainment stand, you can tuck it discretely away with the TotalMount. It's a simple mount, specifically designed to hold the Apple TV, which comes with special hooks that clip to the vents on the backside of your television set. If you don't have vents on your TV, you can use the 3M adhesive strips instead. If you prefer, you can also screw the mount into your wall. There're plenty of options. It's got an open-back design, which allows for proper airflow, something that is a necessity when you're running those high-graphics games in 4K.

The TotalMount costs about $18 and there's an adjustable add-in that makes it compatible with older Apple TV models, too.

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SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Game Controller

If gaming is the name of your ... well, game ... than SteelSeries has the controller you want for your Apple TV 4K gaming. No, there aren't any 4K games yet available on Apple TV, but there are plenty of top-notch quality games you can play without having to turn on your console. If you don't want to worry about fiddling with the Siri Remote to dig up blocks in Minecraft or go on an adventure in Oceanhorn, the Nimbus is the perfect controller.

It's got all the standard gaming buttons and a comfortable grip. Because it's Bluetooth compatible, it's also a fantastic controller for your iPhone or iPad.

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The Horipad Ultimate is another fantastic controller for Apple TV. The two controllers are very similar, but the choice comes down to a matter of personal preferences for the grip, button placement, and button action. If you're tossing around the idea of getting a Horipad Ultimate for Apple TV instead, we did a side-by-side comparison showing the differences and similarities between both of them. Find out which Apple TV controller is right for you before you buy.

Horipad Ultimate vs SteelSeries Nimbus: Which Apple TV Game Controller Should You Buy?

Elago R1 Intelli Case

Personally, I have no problem with my Siri Remote. It works great, the buttons are intuitive, and I've never lost it in-between the cushions. I know I'm not in the majority here, though. So for those of you that want a little more substance for your Apple TV, Elago makes a smooth, attractive case that makes your Siri Remote easier to handle, and has a few additional features for keeping it safe.

It's made out of silicone for added protection, and two tiny magnets make it so you can stick it onto the side of your TV set. There's a removable strap at the bottom so you can play those gesture-based games without worrying that you'll throw your Siri Remote across the room. The charging port is exposed so you can charge the remote without having to remove it from the case, and the IR scanner is not blocked, so it works with your TV's controls if you've got your Apple TV hooked up that way.

The Intelli Case comes in black, white, red, blue, clear, and glow-in-the-dark (so you can find it with the lights off!) for between $8 and $10.

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Elago D Stand Charging Station

If you've got room on your side-table (which most people don't), you can keep your Siri Remote close by and constantly charged with this D Stand Charging Station. It's a small, cylindrical stand that you thread your Lightning cable through. It's got an aluminum base, but a silicone top and bottom so it won't slip around or scratch your remote. All you have to do is take off the top and bottom caps and thread your Lightning cable through. If your wall plug happens to be really close to where you keep your Siri Remote, you an even wrap up the excess cable and hide it inside. Cable management!

Added bonus: You can charge your iPhone with it, too. I wouldn't recommend trying to charge an iPad with it, though. Seems too small to handle that size.

The D Stand comes in black or silver and costs $25.

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How do you Apple TV 4K?

Do you recommend any accessories to make your Apple TV 4K really show off? Put them in the comments.

Updated December 2017: Added a link to the comparison we did between Horipad Ultimate and SteelSeries Nimbus.

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