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Apple TV 4K
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Apple TVs tend to be expensive devices that rarely see much of a discount on account of the usual Apple pricing. Sometimes, however, there are discounts and savings to be found on Apple's little streaming box that could - and these tend to be the best time to grab one. We've looked everywhere and gathered all the best prices that we can find on Apple TVs and put them here.

Remember, as with any Apple product, you’re not the only one looking for an Apple TV deal. As soon an Apple TV sale appears, they tend to rapidly disappear as all those who’ve been waiting for the price to drop hit the ‘buy’ button.

If you see what looks like an unmissable price, it likely is - and it's worth jumping on it while it's still around. These deals don't tend to last very long, and you don't want to miss out on the deals and sales on what are usually very expensive devices.

Today's best Apple TV deals and prices

Your best bet for the best Apple TV prices at the moment is going to be Amazon. The Apple TV 4K is currently the cheapest Apple TV, with a pretty great saving of around $80 (opens in new tab)at Amazon. That not only makes it currently cheaper than the Apple TV HD, but also a much better value than its less capable sibling. 

The best Apple TV deals

Apple TV 4K | (opens in new tab)

Apple TV 4K | $179 now $109 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

 The Apple TV does everything you could want a streamer to do. It’ll run Apple Arcade games, play all your favorite Apple TV+ content, and look good doing it. Yes, it is a lot more expensive than its competitors, but it's also a whole lot more premium, with its premium aluminum casing and excellent, solid remote control with Siri built-in. When it drops in price, it's well worth picking one up - it's a stunning little streamer. 

Apple TV+ | Free trial (opens in new tab)

Apple TV+ | Free trial (opens in new tab)

Don't forget to grab your Apple TV + free trial - you'll be able to watch all the great TV that Apple TV + has to offer, like Severance, Foundation, and For All Mankind. You can get a free trial for a week to see if its got content that you'll enjoy, and then it'll only cost you $4.99 a month afterward.

Apple TV accessories deals

There is a range of different accessories available for the Apple TV, from the separately available Apple TV remote, to games controllers and wall mounts. There are even silicon wraps and lanyard attachments for the controller that various manufacturers offer, letting you protect the bare aluminum from scuffs and every day damage.

There are often deals and offers on Apple TV accessories - here are some of the best.

Apple TV Remote | (opens in new tab)

Apple TV Remote | $59 now $54 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

The Apple TV remote is one of the best parts of the Apple TV experience, and it’s available separately from the new streaming box if you don’t want to upgrade the Apple TV itself and only want to get the new remote. It’s not cheap - it’s $60 full price, but there are often offers that make its price a little more palatable. 

Steel series Nimbus + controller (opens in new tab)

Steel series Nimbus + controller | $69 now $60 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Steelseries makes some excellent game controllers, and the nimbus + is one of them. It’s the controller that Apple themselves recommend for Apple Arcade, and it can connect not only to your Apple TV but also to your iPhone should you want to play Apple Arcade games on the go. Look out for good prices on the controller - while it generally goes for $70, it often drops below.

TotalMount Apple TV wall mount (opens in new tab)

TotalMount Apple TV wall mount | $19 now $17 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Mounting the Apple TV box on the back of the TV set itself not only tucks your Apple TV out of the way but also can help with cooling the device, giving it more access to the clean and cool air it needs to stay at a reasonable temperature. This model has space for all the cables to be routed properly and can be popped on a wall or the back of a TV. 

Apple HomePod Mini | $99 at Apple (opens in new tab)

Apple HomePod Mini | $99 at Apple (opens in new tab)

Make sure you pick up a HomePod Mini with your Apple TV - instead of using your TV speakers for sound, you can use the far superior sound of the HomePod to make your streaming sound better. You can even pair it to two HomePods, making the sound stereo. 

Why should I get an Apple TV?

If you’re looking for the best way to watch Apple TV+, then the Apple TV is the way to go. It’s a powerful little streamer that features some extra functionality over the competition, including the ability to play Apple Arcade games with a subscription. 

That power makes it a great option for those with home cinema systems who want the best streaming experience they can possibly find. There’s support for a wide range of surround sound options and various HDR standards, including Dolby Vision. There isn't a better streaming device for cinephiles than the Apple TV series of devices.

For those who don’t need a 4K connection or picture, there’s the Apple TV HD. While it’s restricted to 1080p output only, it still has great sound output and costs less to boot.

While the competition is (a lot) cheaper, they also don’t offer as much as the Apple TV. Their remotes aren’t as good, they’re not as powerful, and they don’t look as nice. If you’re after the best streaming experience available, the Apple TV is the way to go.

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