Best Adobe Premiere Alternatives for Macs in 2022

Final Cut Pro on MacBook
Final Cut Pro on MacBook (Image credit: iMore)

Choosing to use Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing on Mac is a sound decision. That said, you shouldn't feel defeated if you don't want to pay out each month for access, nor should you feel like there's little hope if you find it lacking in some way. Maybe you don't need all those features, or only want to edit simple video. Here are some excellent alternatives for video editing on macOS. Hint: we really, really like Final Cut Pro.


Shotcut is an interesting choice as it's a capable suite for video editing and happens to be completely free and open source. Available for both PC and Mac — allowing you to take advantage of the familiar interface on multiple platforms — you'll find many advanced features and tools found in pricey multi-track editing software.

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Open source

Choosing the right video editor

There are some fantastic options out there for Mac owners when it comes to video editing. A well-loved alternative to Premiere Pro is Final Cut Pro, especially for those who prefer using software developed by Apple and are looking for software backed by years of development.

If you don't have money to spare for software, free examples like Shotcut and even Apple's own iMovie can be used to create videos for sharing with friends and family. Whatever your style or budget, one of these suggestions should be a great fit.

Rich Edmonds