Reading seems to be a lost art these days. While many of us are embedded into social networks, television shows and movies on streaming services, and even news from all over, none of that really beats sitting down with a good book. You know, a book where you just get lost in your own imagination as you envision stories unfolding in your heads.

In this day and age, digital eBooks are much more convenient to carry around than physical copies, and you don't necessarily need an e-reader or tablet to enjoy them! In fact, you can even just read books on your iPhone if you really wanted to.

Here are some of the best apps for reading eBooks on-the-go!


Marvin is one of the best apps on iOS for reading eBooks and comics. With Marvin, you have a clean and easy-to-read interface that looks amazing on your screen. You can open any DRM-free EPUB books or CBX and CBR comics from a variety of sources, and you can side-load your own fonts in if desired. There are multiple themes and viewing modes to personalize your reading experience, and you can highlight and annotate as you read. Users who like to keep reading journals can also do that directly in Marvin. GoodReads users can integrate their accounts in Marvin. Some features are only available through the premium in-app purchase of $4.99.

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Hyphen provides a seamless reading experience on your iPhone and iPad thanks to iCloud. Just upload your eBook files into iCloud, and they'll be accessible in Hyphen. It features a simple and clean reading interface that can be customized to your liking, and everything renders quickly. The iCloud support also means that you can pick up where you last left off on, no matter which device. It also has highlighting and annotation support, and you can integrate GoodReads here too.

Hyphen Lite limits you to the last imported book. The paid version has no limitations.

Bluefire Reader

If you just want a simple, barebones reader to get the job done, Bluefire is the way to go. This minimalistic app is also capable of accessing Adobe Content Server protected eBooks, so if your files are there and you want to read them on-the-go, the Bluefire handles it with ease. You can personalize your reading experience with a few settings, but this one is missing other more advanced features that you can find in other apps.

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KyBook lets users add their own content through cloud storage, or you can browse through the huge collection of free books to read thanks to OPDS catalog support. All major eBook file types are supported in KyBook, and the reading mode is simple to let you focus on the words, but it's still customizable with themes and other options. There are plenty of annotation tools too, so you can circle, highlight, underline, and write notes to your heart's content. Some KyBook features are only available in the Pro version, which you can purchase through in-app purchases starting at $1.99.

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Amazon Kindle

If you have an Amazon account (and who doesn't these days), then you may have bought a few eBooks from Amazon at some point, but maybe you don't have a Kindle eReader device. No problem! The Kindle app turns your iPhone or iPad into a Kindle, and you can access all of your eBooks on your Amazon account from the app. You can browse through Amazon's Kindle bookstore and sample any eBook for free, and Prime members can select and download eBooks directly.

The reading view is highly customizable and flexible to suit your needs, and you can highlight and annotate as you wish. And for library enthusiasts, you get access to local library's collections of eBooks from Kindle too.

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Apple Books

Let's not forget that Apple has their own eBook app too, aptly named Books. You can peruse through Apple's own Book Store, which is full of classics, modern bestsellers, and even audiobooks. Anything you download or purchase from here is synced with your iTunes or Apple ID, so you can always re-download if necessary on another device. Any eBook or PDF files you upload into iCloud will also show up in Books. The reading view is clean and simple, with a variety of beautiful fonts and page colors to pick from. There's also support for highlighting, notes, bookmarks, and more.

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Crack open a book and get reading!

We all love to read a good book, and these apps are some of our favorites for reading on both our iPhones and iPads. Especially for those of us who want to get caught up on the Game of Thrones books before the television series ends next year!

What are you using to read your favorite books on-the-go? Let us know in the comments!

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