The Best Controller for Fortnite on iPhone in 2022

Fortnite on iPhone
Fortnite on iPhone (Image credit: iMore)

With Fortnite on iOS now supporting Bluetooth controllers you'll want to pick one up as soon as possible to give you that extra advantage. The Gamevice iPhone controller in this case is the perfect gamepad for you to earn that Victory Royale.

Who should buy this

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This controller is perfect for casual and hardcore gamers alike. And because it attaches directly to your iPhone you won't need to worry about buying a separate controller clip to hold your device. No matter which model iPhone you have (or even iPad), there's an option for you to get the appropriate Gamevice controller to fit it.

Is it a good time to buy this phone?

Now's the perfect time to pick up this controller seeing as Fortnite Mobile is finally Bluetooth compatible. Though the Gamevice attaches directly to the Lightning port, you'll still beat out the competition using Bluetooth controllers with more latency. This gives you a decisive advantage when playing, and other players won't know what hit them.

Reasons to buy

  • Small
  • Designed for iPhone
  • Attaches directly onto phone
  • Less latency

Reasons not to buy

  • Expensive
  • Grip may take time to get used to

Portable like the Nintendo Switch and designed just for iOS

If you prefer your gaming controller to actually attach to your phone, and love the look and feel of the Nintendo Switch and want something similar for your iPhone, you'll want to drop some cash on the Gamevice Controller for iPhone.

This peripheral gives you all the controls you need to dominate the competition while also cutting out any latency issues associated with Bluetooth by connecting directly to your phone via the Lightning Port. You get all the joysticks and buttons you'd expect from a controller and because it attaches right to your phone you don't have to worry about propping your phone up to play. It's much more comfortable this way and also keeps your phone in your hands.

Alternatives to the Gamevice controller

The SteelSeries Nimbus is essentially the pinnacle of gaming controllers for all your Apple devices if you prefer a traditional controller like you'd get with PlayStation or Xbox. Featuring twin-stick controls and shoulder buttons, this is a controller that's perfect for all sorts of gaming on your iPhone, iPad, and even Apple TV that won't let you down.

The SteelSeries Nimbus features an internal battery that supports up to 40 hours of gaming and is rechargeable via Lightning Port. There's also the Nimbus Companion app that will help you discover other great games for iOS that support Bluetooth controllers.

Bottom line

The Gamevice controller may seem expensive, but it is well worth the money if you prefer an attachable gamepad. Don't let its design get in the way of your Victory Royale dreams if you're more accustomed to traditional controllers.

Jennifer Locke

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