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Best ear hooks for your AirPods 2 in 2022

EarSkinz Airpod Covers Ear Hooks
EarSkinz Airpod Covers Ear Hooks (Image credit: EarSkinz)

Why do you need the best ear hooks for your AirPods 2? While the AirPods 2 are fantastic accessories for your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you may find them slipping out of your ears. The last thing you want is to lose one of your AirPods. If you're looking for something that can help those AirPods fit better and stay in your ears, there are some great options for ear hooks and other covers.

Secure and play your favorite music with the best AirPods 2 ear hooks

Note that all of these options will still fit if you do have the original AirPods because the AirPods 1 and AirPods 2 are the same size and shape. However, the AirPods 3 are a different size and shape, so ear hooks won't be interchangeable between AirPods 2 and AirPods 3.

So which will be the best AirPods 2 ear hooks for you? If you find your AirPods 2 have trouble staying in your ears, any of the options listed above will undoubtedly help you out, but we love the EarBuddyz 2.0. It's a super simple way to make sure your AirPods stay in your ears, and they're quite affordable. The silicone will provide some ambient noise isolation, and the hooks fit into your ear's cartilage comfortably. Choose from four different colors: clear, black, Pretty in Pink, and sky blue.

If you're not entirely sure which ear hook style you will find most comfortable, I'd recommend the WQNIDE AirPods accessories set. This kit includes every type of ear hook and tip you can think of, and it's well-priced to boot. You can keep the whole set and use different hooks for different occasions, or split up the set to share with friends and family.

Note that the AirPods case is designed to fit the AirPods perfectly, so any of these skins will make the AirPods too bulky to place into the charging case. You'll need to remove the skins from your AirPods each time before charging. Looking for the best AirPods and AirPods 2 cases as well? We've got you covered (pun intended) there too!

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