Best flash drives for backing up your iPhone in 2023

Using a flash drive with a lightning connector is a great way to easily move files around from your iPhone without the need for a computer or bulky backup disk. It's particularly handy when you need to transfer many large files quickly, as there aren't the limitations you see from AirDrop.

Many Apple users have replaced their beloved MacBooks with one of the best iPads so intermediary memory devices like a flash drive are becoming more important than ever. The problem is that not every flash drive or memory disk has a lightning connector, so that's why we've picked out the best flash drives that do.

Below, we've highlighted the best flash drives for backing up the best iPhones. Even the latest devices like the iPhone 14 Pro have a lightning connector so you can easily hook up the flash drive to it. There may be rumors of Apple finally switching to USB-C in the future but for now, these flash drives will give you a physical way to back up your data. Here's the pick of the bunch. 

The best flash drives to back up your iPhone

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Find the perfect flash drive for your iPhone

While some users might still prefer to rely solely on iCloud, there's never any harm in also using physical storage such as a flash drive with your iPhone. You could always AirDrop files to your Mac once you run out of space, but sometimes AirDrop has a tough time with bigger files or many files at once. Similarly, you could use one of the best cloud storage apps but that can take a while depending on internet speeds. For a physical solution, we're fans of the iDiskk MFI-certified 128GB Photo Stick because of its affordable price and simple design.

If you need to multitask with many types of device, opt for the Picture Keeper Connect. Its's compatible with both iPhones and Android phones, along with PCs and Macs. 

If you're worried about longevity -- don't be. Reports suggest that the average flash drive for an iPhone can last from 10,000 to 100,000 write cycles. That means you won't have to worry about replacing it for a while to come. If rumors are anything to go by, your iPhone may have a different connector by then but you'll still find a use for many of these USB drives.

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