Best HomeKit Air Conditioners iMore 2020

Smart thermostats are a staple in the connected home. However, they do not apply to homes without central heating and air, leaving many out in the cold. This is where HomeKit enabled window air conditioners come in. These easy to install units give you the ability to control your climate anytime, anywhere. We have gathered the best HomeKit options around to help you decide which is right for your space.

Modern looks: GE Profile PHC06LY

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GE's Profile air conditioner has a clean, modern design that gives the traditional form factor a fresh look. This 22-inch wide air conditioner can keep rooms up to 250 square feet cool, with three fan speeds providing 200 CFM of airflow. In addition to HomeKit support, this air conditioner also comes with a handy remote, making adjustments either a tap or button press away.

$299 at Amazon

Cost effective: GE AEC08LY

The AEC08LY from GE is an affordable option that doesn't skimp on performance and features. This air conditioner is well suited for medium size rooms, with up to 350 square feet of coverage and 8,000 BTU output. The AEC08LY is also Energy Star certified, which means it keeps your area cool while saving you even more money in the long run.

$289 at Home Depot

Power packed: Haier QHC15AX

Haier's QHC15AX is one of the most powerful HomeKit air conditioners around, capable of providing up to 15,000 BTU's of cooling bliss. This means that this air conditioner can keep spaces up to 700 square feet frosty, which is great for living rooms, or other large areas. As well as supporting HomeKit, this air conditioner also brings along Alexa and Google Assistant, protecting your investment if you decide to change things up in the future.

$488 at Walmart

Dark mode: GE AEF08LY

GE's AEF08LY is the only HomeKit air conditioner on the market that sports a discreet all-black design that doesn't scream window air conditioner to your guests. The AEF08LY keeps things comfortable with three fan speeds, and four adjustable louver positions, giving you a personalized cooling experience. This unit also has an easy to clean, washable filter system, making maintenance a breeze.

$234 at Walmart

Medium size: GE AHC10LY

The AHC10LY is a medium-size air conditioner that fits in windows 26 to 37 inches wide. This unit covers up to 450 square feet, with 10,000 BTU output, all while meeting Energy Star certification requirements. The AHC10LY supports schedules, automations, and voice control either through GE's Appliances app or HomeKit.

$379 at Lowes

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HomeKit air conditioners give you convenient control of your home's climate through the Home app or with a shout. Siri can make adjustments to the temperature when your hands or full, and the Home app offers control with a tap or through automations that run automatically in the background, depending on if you are home or away. The GE Profile PHC06LY strikes a perfect balance of price, design, and performance, making it the best option for most. This air conditioner can cover small areas such as bedrooms with ease and does so with a clean, modern design.

If you are looking for the largest coverage area around, then look no further than the Haier QHC15AX. This powerful window air conditioner can keep rooms up to 700 square feet cool, which is the largest HomeKit option around. Along with HomeKit, this unit also supports Alexa and Google Assistant, which should make it a fixture in your household for many years to come. Regardless of which air conditioner you choose, you will be cool and comfortable, thanks to Siri, automations, scheduling, and more.

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