Best HomeKit Router iMore 2021

Wireless routers are an essential of the modern home, and the best Wi-Fi routers incorporate the latest and greatest features, like HomeKit for greater security. HomeKit routers allow you to set restrictions on the services HomeKit accessories can access, including other devices on the network, and you can even block them completely from the internet. Here's our guide to all of the available HomeKit routers that you can buy today.

eero WiFi System 3 Pack

Whole home coverage: eero mesh WiFi system (3-Pack)

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The second generation, Dual-Band eero mesh Wi-Fi system consists of three separate nodes that blanket your home in wonderful Wi-Fi. This set can cover homes up to 5,000 square feet in size, and reaches speeds up to 550 Mbps over its wireless connection. An easy setup process gets you up and running with the latest features, like HomeKit, in just a matter of minutes.

Linksys AC2200 Single Mesh Router

Wallet-friendly: Linksys AC 2200 Velop Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (WHW0301)

For those that have smaller homes, or for those who are just looking for an inexpensive way to get HomeKit support, the Linksys AC2200 Velop single pack is the way to go. This affordable router can cover most homes, up to 2,000 square feet on its own, plus its Tri-Band mesh networking technology paves the way for easy expansion in the future.

Eero Pro WiFi System 3-Pack

Top of the line: eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi system (3-Pack)

eero's Pro mesh Wi-Fi System includes three Tri-Band nodes that combine to deliver the highest speeds and crazy range. This system can reach speeds of up to 1 Gbps through ethernet and over Wi-Fi. Plus, its 6,000 square foot range easily reaches areas inside and out of the home, so you can finally browse the internet from the comforts of your favorite outdoor chair.

Linksys Velop AC6600 Mesh Router 3 pack in white

Maximum coverage: Linksys AC6600 Velop Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (WHW0303)

The Linksys AC6600 Velop three-Pack offers the largest area of coverage right out of the box. This powerful, Tri-Band three-node system, is capable of reaching all of the corners in larger homes up to 6,000 square feet. What's more, if you somehow need more power you can always add additional nodes.

eero Pro WiFi System with 2 beacons

Great mix: eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi system (1 Pro + 2 Beacons)

This eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi system starts with a single Tri-Band Pro node and is extended throughout the home by the ultra-convenient Dual-Band eero Beacons. Its Beacons are incredibly compact and plug directly into an outlet without any additional wires, so you can put them in the best possible locations. The Beacons also have a unique motion-activated nightlight that work great as path lighting.

eero WiFi System

Solid foundation: eero mesh Wi-Fi router

The most affordable router from eero, a single Dual-Band node from the popular eero mesh Wi-Fi system (three-Pack), is ideal for smaller homes, up to 1,500 square feet. This router can be easily expanded as needed with other nodes, Beacons, and even Pro models, and serves as a great way to test the waters before making a whole home commitment.

eero Pro WiFi System single

Pro start: eero Pro Home Wi-Fi System (one-pack)

The eero Pro single pack features two high-speed ethernet ports and Tri-Band mesh networking technology for future expansion. This flexible, more affordable, Pro single pack covers smaller homes with its fastest wireless speeds possible (1 Gbps), and it works with other Pro and non-Pro eero devices.

Linksys AC440 Mesh Router in black

Two of a kind: Linksys AC4400 Velop Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (WHW0302)

Great for medium-sized homes, Linksys' AC4400 Velop two-pack brings HomeKit security features to devices within 4,000 square feet. Plus, like other Linksys Velop mesh routers, it comes in a basic white finish, or an ultra-sleek black that just screams speed—and it has built-in cable management.

Extra security

Installing a HomeKit router in your home is the best way to keep tabs on any smart home devices you own. By creating a firewall between devices, HomeKit routers prevent scenarios where a simple smart light bulb can become an attack vector within your home, as well as preventing it from spreading outside of your network.

We love the eero Home Wi-Fi System as it is easy on the wallet, and easy to manage. This Dual-Band whole home system covers up to 5,000 square feet, and its simple plug-and-play setup gets you up and running with the latest HomeKit feature in no time.

Have a smaller home or just don't need a full-blown mesh network system? The single Linksys AC 2200 Velop Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System gives you the basics, while still allowing expansion if needed. This affordable single pack includes HomeKit and Tri-Band technology that paves the way for future upgrades.

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