Best HomeKit routers in 2023

Wireless routers are an essential part of the modern home, and the best Wi-Fi routers incorporate the latest and greatest features — like HomeKit — for greater security. HomeKit routers allow you to set restrictions on the devices and services that your HomeKit door locks, light bulbs, and more can access. And, if you want to keep your smart home traffic local, you can even block your accessories entirely from the internet. Just one of the many HomeKit devices you need in your life, here's our guide to the best HomeKit routers you can buy today, before you start adding on HomeKit hubs for other tasks.

The best HomeKit routers you can buy

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Give your home a speed and security boost with the best HomeKit routers

The best HomeKit routers are an excellent way to expand your home Wi-Fi network while keeping tabs on the smart home devices you own. They make a great alternative to the best Wi-Fi routers for Apple devices. By creating a firewall between devices, HomeKit routers prevent scenarios where a simple, smart light bulb or door lock can become an attack vector within your home and prevent it from spreading outside of your network.

We love the eero 6 mesh Wi-Fi system as it is easy on the wallet — and easy to manage. This dual-band whole-home system consists of three nodes that cover up to 5,000 square feet, and a simple plug-and-play setup gets you up and running with the HomeKit Secure Router feature in no time.

Have a smaller home or want to keep your home network simple? The single Linksys Velop MX4200/AX4200 WiFi 6 Mesh System gives you the basics while allowing for expansion if needed. This single node router includes HomeKit, Wi-Fi 6, and tri-band mesh networking technology that will suit your home well for years.  

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