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Best iOS apps to run on an M1 Mac

Overcast M1 Mac Macbook Pro
Overcast M1 Mac Macbook Pro (Image credit: Adam Oram / iMore)

Whether you're just getting acquainted with all that Apple's M1 chips have got to offer or you've been toting around an M1 Mac since 2020, you may not know that a bunch of your favorite iOS apps can actually run on your Apple's latest computer hardware.

With Apple going all-in on its in-house silicon for its laptop and desktop machines, it's now much easier for apps to work across all of its platforms and the company is making it really easy for app developers to make it happen. That means many of the apps you know and love from your best iPhone and iPad are already available on the Mac App Store. Here are some of the best out there.


Overcast On M1 Mac Screenshot

Overcast On M1 Mac Screenshot (Image credit: iMore)

Overcast is one of, if not the, best podcast players out there. It's a mainstay of many iPhone and iPad users' setups and, thanks to the magic of Apple silicon, it runs great on your M1 chip-equipped Mac, too. Whether you listen to just a few podcasts or have tons of playlists bursting with audio content, you can make the most of Overcast on your Mac and enjoy features like Voice Boost and Smart Speed to make your listening experience even better.

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Listen to your favorite shows, and discover new ones, on your Mac.

Apollo for Reddit

Apollo On M1 Mac Screenshot

Apollo On M1 Mac Screenshot (Image credit: iMore)

Instead of wasting time scrolling Reddit on the small screen of your phone, waste that time more wisely on your Mac's big screen! Apollo is already the best way to browse Reddit on iPhone and iPad, but with Apple silicon-powered Macs now available, it's now the best way to do just that on your M1 Mac.

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Our favorite way to browse Reddit — now on your Mac!


Accuweather On M1 Screenshot

Accuweather On M1 Screenshot (Image credit: iMore)

You may or may not have noticed but your Mac doesn't have a built-in weather app. It's a curious omission, especially since Apple's own Weather app for iPhone is pretty great these days, and it means you'll have to bring up Spotlight search or head to the web whenever you want to get a forecast. Instead, download AccuWeather on your M1 Mac and enjoy the same sort of hyper-local weather forecasts and alerts when sitting in front of your Mac.

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Get accurate weather forecasts for your precise location from your Mac.


Sofa On M1 Mac Screenshot

Sofa On M1 Mac Screenshot (Image credit: iMore)

Since Sofa debuted, I've been using it to keep a list of movies and TV shows I want to check out in order to save time scrolling through streaming apps when I finally get a chance to sit and watch something. It's also perfect for keeping a record of anything you've watched, listened to, read, or played so you can look back at your recent multimedia experience. The iPad version of the app now works great on M1 Macs.

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Keep track of all the content you've watched, listened to, read, and played in Sofa.


Lumafusion Screenshot

Lumafusion Screenshot (Image credit: Luma Touch)

LumaFusion is a powerful, award-winning multi-track video editing tool for iPhone and iPad that runs great on M1 Mac models. Whether you are an aspiring filmmaker or already a pro, it's a great app to use on the go on your iPad and that purchase entitles you to download the app on your compatible Mac where you can make the most of keyboard and mouse input as well as a larger display.

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Make movies on your Mac with the excellent LumaFusion.


Headspace On M1 Mac Screenshot

Headspace On M1 Mac Screenshot (Image credit: iMore)

You've probably heard of Headspace, and you may use the service already, but did you know it is available as an app on M1 Macs? Now you don't have to pull out the distraction machine that is your phone in order to launch a mindfulness session or just check in on your progress in the app.

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Headspace is a meditation and mindfulness subscription service. Existing subscribers might find the Mac app useful.

Lose It!

Lose It On M1 Mac Screenshot

Lose It On M1 Mac Screenshot (Image credit: iMore)

If you are the calorie-counting type and want to keep tabs on what you eat and drink throughout the day, having an app like Lose It! available on your M1 Mac is ideal. Instead of having to pull out your phone to enter your breakfast or your last snack, you can do it when sitting down in front of your Mac and then get back to whatever you were doing before.

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Count calories from the comfort of your desk with Lose It! on M1 Macs.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road On M1 Mac Screenshot

Crossy Road On M1 Mac Screenshot (Image credit: iMore)

Cross-platform compatibility doesn't just apply to productivity apps but games too! There are plenty to choose from but the classic endless-runner Crossy Road is a good place to start. Instead of swipe gestures, you'll use your arrow keys to move your character across roads, tracks, waterways, and more. The physical keys provide a surprisingly good level of control.

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Waste a few minutes between work tasks on your Mac with a few rounds of Crossy Road.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley On M1 Mac Screenshot

Monument Valley On M1 Mac Screenshot (Image credit: iMore)

Monument Valley was one of the first major breakout successes in the world of iOS gaming. Though the Apple Arcade version won't run on your Mac, the original Monument Valley and its sequel are perfectly playable on your M1 Mac with mouse and trackpad input replacing touchscreen taps and swipes. It looks as beautiful today as it ever did!

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An absolute classic iOS game gets new life on M1 Macs.

Your apps everywhere

There are lots of terrific iOS apps available to run on your M1-based Mac and they have the power to turn a great Mac experience into the best Mac experience. Use the above apps as your starting point and find your new favorites today!

Adam Oram is a Senior Writer at iMore. He studied Media at Newcastle University and has been writing about technology since 2013. He previously worked as an Apple Genius and as a Deals Editor at Thrifter. His spare time is spent watching football (both kinds), playing Pokémon games, and eating vegan food. Follow him on Twitter at @adamoram.