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Best iPhone mounting clips for controllers iMore 2022

It was recently announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming (formerly known as xCloud) is now available on Apple devices, bringing iPhone users another way to be entrenched in the gaming world. Whatever system you choose, if you're looking forward to gaming on the go on your phone, you'll want to add one of the best mounting clips for iPhone to your iPhone accessories. These clips will connect your phone to your controller to help make for more comfortable play.

Best overall: Rotor Riot MFi certified gamepad controller

Rotor Riot Iphone 11 Pro Mounted HeroSource: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore

The Rotor Riot is more than just a mounting clip for iPhone; it's an entire controller designed for iOS mobile gaming. The company has made both an Android and iPhone version of this controller, so this will be specifically made for your iPhone.

As long as you're running iOS 7 or later, you can connect your phone with the lighting connector to this device. This is the only MFi certified controller currently available with the ability to use L3 and R3. This means your phone will be able to safely connect without risk of damage, and you'll have all the controls you would have with a system's default controller.

The controller will even charge your iPhone with pass-through charging while you play, so you can expect longer battery life. Your game options shouldn't be too limited with compatibility. You can get more than 1,000 games through their affiliate app, Ludu Mapp. But it would definitely be worth looking through their library to make sure you feel it's worth it before purchase.


  • L3 and R3 functionality
  • Made for iOS
  • MFi certified
  • Pass-through charging


  • Game library may feel limited to some

Best overall

Rotor Riot Gamepad

Rotor Riot MFi certified gamepad controller

The full package

More than just a mounting clip. It's the whole controller, MFi certified and made specifically for iPhone gaming.

Best for Xbox Series X controllers: PowerA - MOGA mobile gaming clip - 2.0

Powera Moga Mobile Gaming Clip Lifestyle ResizedSource: PowerA

When it comes to the Xbox Series X controller, the obvious mounting clip for iPhone is the PowerA MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip - 2.0. It's officially licensed for the Xbox Series X and S.

With rubber grips, your iPhone will sit securely in the clip. There are two wheels on the support, so you can change the height and angle of your phone. Plus, it can collapse down, making it compact for travel.

The clip itself fits around the underside of the Xbox Series X controller without getting in the way of the grip or face. It will hold any phone up to 3.12-inch wide. Depending on the thickness of your case, you may have to remove it for it to fit the grip.


  • Rubber grips hold phone securely
  • Doesn't obstruct controller's face or grip
  • Compact for travel
  • Adjustable screen position


  • Some cases may be too thick to fit in the grip

Best for Xbox Series X controllers

Powera Moga Mobile Gaming Clip

PowerA - MOGA mobile gaming clip - 2.0

Series X-ly portable

Take Game Pass anywhere. Sit your iPhone at the right angle, lock it in, enjoy!

Best for Xbox One controllers: Ghost Gear - Phone mount for Xbox One controller

Ghost Gear Phone Mount Xbox One LifestyleSource: Ghost Gear Inc.

This mounting clip for iPhone has all the things you'll want to look for in a clip. The last thing you want your iPhone to do is slip out of the clip, so that's a factor to consider when looking for a clip. Luckily, Ghost Gear has a clip that does just that.

Another great feature is the adjustable angle, so you can place the phone comfortably as you play. This clip also has a stand available for tabletop play and full access to the charging port. It can take a little bit of wiggling and adjustment to get your clip snapped into place, but once it's attached, your gaming on the go will be secure and easy.


  • Rubber grips
  • Adjustable positioning
  • Stand for tabletop play
  • Charging port access


  • A little difficult to snap onto the controller

Best for Xbox One controllers

Ghost Gear Phone Mount Xbox One

Ghost Gear - Phone mount for Xbox One controller

Controller to table

Play with controller and phone in hand or tabletop. This mounting clip for the Xbox One controller has you covered.

Best for DualSense: Orzly PS5 controller mobile gaming clip

Orzly Ps5 Controller Iphone Mount LifestyleSource: Orzly

Your devices are sure to be safe with the Orzly mounting clip. The clip's design is meant to protect the controller from scratches and other damage. The phone clamp also has more than the rubber grip; it's actually padded to protect your phone's surface.

This clamp is adjustable to fit phones up to 3.34 inches wide. It also has openings around all the buttons and ports, so you will have complete access to your controller.

There is a single adjustable point on this mounting clip, and it adjusts at a 280-degree angle to prevent glare. This adjustable feature also makes the clip very compact for travel. However, only having one adjustable spot doesn't allow players to adjust how far away from the controller the phone sits, so it will be right on top of it.


  • Protects devices from scratches
  • Adjustable clamp
  • Button and port access
  • Glare resistant
  • Compact for travel


  • No height adjustment

Best for DualSense

Orzly Ps5 Controller Mobile Gaming Clip

Orzly PS5 controller mobile gaming clip

Full protection

This secure clip wraps all the way around the controller, protecting your devices without blocking buttons or ports.

Best for Dualshock controllers: OIVO PS4 controller phone clip mount

Ovio Ps4 Controller Iphone Mount LifestyleSource: OVIO

You get more than you asked for with this mounting clip. Not only do you get a clip that fits perfectly around your controller without obstructing buttons or ports, but you also get a separate stand for your phone.

Keep your phone at a comfortable angle, however far forward or backward you'd like, with a single adjustment point. The clip to hold your phone in place is also adjustable to fit phones up to 3.4-inch wide.

The clip design makes it easy to attach and remove from your controller and ensures your phone won't fall. However, if you have a case on your Dualshock controller, the clip will not fit over it.


  • Complete port and button access
  • Comes with a separate stand
  • Adjustable phone angle
  • Easy to attach and remove from controller


  • Doesn't fit over controller case

Best for Dualshock controllers

Oivo Ps4 Phone Mount Clip

OIVO PS4 controller phone clip mount

Get an extra gift

A phone stand for tabletop play included, this clip is easy to attach and is very secure for your iPhone.

Best for SteelSeries: SteelSeries SmartGrip mobile phone holder

Steelseries Smartgrip Controller Iphone Mount LifestyleSource: SteelSeries

If you have a SteelSeries Stratus Duo, Stratus XL, or Nimbus controller, why not get a mounting clip for iPhone that SteelSeries itself make? This SmartGrip Mobile Phone Holder will fit any of those three controllers and most phones between a 4-6.5-inch display.

The grips are protective, so your iPhone or case won't get scratched. There is one adjustment point to move your phone forward and backward, but you can't adjust the height.

While the clip does wrap tightly around your SteelSeries controller, it does block off some access to the top of the controller. You'll want to keep this in mind and have the functions available at the top prepared before clipping it on.


  • Prevents scratches
  • Adjustable screen angle
  • Made by SteelSeries


  • Can't adjust height
  • Buttons on top of the controller are blocked

Best for SteelSeries

Steelseries Smartgrip Mobile Phone Holder

SteelSeries SmartGrip mobile phone holder

By SteelSeries, for SteelSeries

Made by SteelSeries for their controllers, your phone will be safe, but make sure you don't need your top buttons.

Best for cross compatibility: Dainslef controller phone mount

Dainslef Phone Mount Lifestyle ResizedSource: Amazon

For those who have a few different controllers and want to have the option to use more than one, there's the Dainslef mounting clip for iPhone. This clip fits the Xbox One, SteelSeries Nimbus, and Stratus Duo controllers.

It's easy to attach your phone and place it onto your controller. It has a metal kickstand for tabletop play as well, and you get bonus thumb grips. The mount is adjustable but only to three angles. However, these angles don't interfere with the front buttons. The clip itself may block off top buttons on SteelSeries controllers.


  • Fits multiple types of controllers
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with thumb grips
  • Kickstand for tabletop play


  • Mount is only adjustable in three set angles
  • May block buttons on top of the controller

Best for cross compatibility

Dainslef Phone Mount

Dainslef controller phone mount

Extras included

Dainslef mount for iPhone fits the Xbox One, SteelSeries Nimbus, and Stratus Duo controllers that includes kickstand and thumb grips.

Best for retro gamers: 8BitDo smartphone clip

8bitdo Smartphone Clip Lifestyle ResizedSource: 8BitDo

Nothing beats the nostalgia of one of your first controllers. 8BitDo has the Sn30 Pro+ Bluetooth Gamepad to give you that feel and has created a mounting clip for iPhone to go with it!

One of the most important features we look for is scratch resistance; this material is made to support your iPhone scratch-free. It's easy to remove from your controller and comes in two pieces, so it is easy to travel with.

It is available in two colors, black and silver, so you can be sure to get the color that matches your 8BitDo controller. The cross design on the back not only gives it a great look but also helps with durability. However, while you're playing, you won't be able to charge your controller.


  • Protects iPhone from scratches
  • Easy to remove
  • Comes in two pieces, so it's easy to break down
  • Color options
  • Durable design


  • Can't charge while you play

Best for retro gamers

8bitdo Smartphone Clip

8BitDo smartphone clip

New school meets old school

Mobile gaming with a retro feel, this 8BitDo mounting clip for iPhone goes with your 8BitDo controller. Secure without a scratch!

Best controller: Backbone One

Backbone One Game ControllerSource: Backbone

If mounting your phone to a controller sounds like more work than you'd like, and you'd rather have your phone be the controller, the Backbone One is the way to go. It's made specifically for iPhone and MFi certified. Some cases may not fit inside the Backbone One's handles as they connect to the lightning port.

This controller is compatible with Apple Arcade, Playstation Remote Play, Stadia, and Xbox Game Pass Games. It comes with L3 and R3 capability and responsive analog triggers. It can even help you record, edit, and share gaming clips from your phone.

You can even connect your headset and charge your phone with pass-through charging while you play. When you purchase the Backbone One, it comes with a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


  • MFi certified
  • Compatible with Apple Arcade, Playstation Remote Play, Stadia, and Xbox Game Pass
  • Easily edit and share game clips
  • Pass-through charging
  • Free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate included


  • Phone cases may not fit inside the handles

Best controller

Backbone One Game Controller

Backbone One

iPhone controller

Turn your iPhone into the controller and get a month of free Xbox Game Pass.

Bottom line

There are a few big things you'll want to make sure to look for in any mounting clip for iPhone gaming. To keep your phone protected, you'll want to be sure the material the clip is made of won't scratch the surface or case of your phone and will keep it firmly in place while you play. It's also key to make sure that any ports or buttons you will need access to while playing aren't blocked. In addition to keeping your iPhone secure, you'll also want to make sure the clip will not slip from your controller.

If you don't already have a controller you like to do your mobile gaming with, we recommend the Rotor Riot MFi Certified Gamepad Controller. It was made for mobile gaming and is compatible with more than 1000 games. Plus, you can charge as you play, which is a pretty sweet deal.

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