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Best laptop locks for MacBooks 2022

Kensington Locking Station
Kensington Locking Station (Image credit: Kensingto)

You've spent a great deal of money on your MacBook, whether it's a new MacBook Pro or any other model Apple makes. You're protecting it from drops and scratches with one of the best MacBook Pro cases or best MacBook Air cases, but what about theft? A lock on your MacBook will deter the casual thief from swiping your MacBook off of your desk or table. Most laptops have a built-in Kensington security slot, but MacBooks do not, so you'll need some adapter to use a Kensington lock. Each of these includes an adapter or other workarounds. Not every lock on this list is compatible with every model, so be sure to check compatibility before you buy it. Here are some of the best laptop locks you can buy for your MacBook.

Which of the best locks for MacBooks should you choose?

No lock can keep a determined criminal from stealing your laptop, unfortunately, but any of these will act as a theft deterrent. My personal pick would be the Kensington MacBook Laptop Locking Station. I like the fact that it's compatible with any MacBook or any laptop up to 15 inches and that it doesn't require any adhesives or permanent modification to your MacBook. It will not interfere with your MacBook's Touch Bar. There no modifications to your MacBook necessary, no adhesives, nothing permanent that could affect your warranty.

Scratch-resistant bumpers along the back protect your MacBook from cosmetic damage. You can choose either a keyed lock or a combination lock when you order. Kensington offers a two-year warranty and lifetime technical support.

If you're looking to spend less, I'd go with the 13C Laptop Cable Lock. Don't worry about size or compatibility at all. You can stick this onto any laptop, tablet, phone, or any other item you wish to protect as long as it has a hard surface for the anchor plate to adhere to. The security cable is 6.5 feet long and can be attached to any fixed object. You get two keys that fit the lock head. Obviously, a determined thief could remove the anchor plate, but only with some difficulty. As I mentioned, a laptop lock is a deterrent, not an infallible theft-prevention tool.

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