Best Laptop Locks for MacBooks iMore 2019

A lock on your MacBook will deter the casual thief from swiping your MacBook off of your desk or table. Most laptops have a built-in Kensington security slot, but MacBooks do not, so you'll need some kind of adapter in order to use a Kensington lock. Each of these includes an adapter or other workarounds. Not every lock on this list is compatible with every model, so be sure to check compatibility before you buy. Here are some of the best laptop locks you can buy for your MacBook.

Universal bargain: 13C Laptop Cable Lock

With an included anchor plate that can be adhered to anything, this lock is universal. The anchor plate provides the Kensington slot, allowing the 6.5-foot cable to be locked to your MacBook. It's a key lock, and two keys are included.

$11 at Amazon

Universal combination: RUBAN Security Cable Lock

Similar to the 13C lock, this one includes an anchor plate and a cable so it can be used with any valuable item. However, instead of a key lock, this one has a four-digit combination lock.

$16 at Amazon

Universal and adhesive-free: Kensington MacBook Laptop Locking Station

Kensington's own design is a locking station that attaches to the back of any MacBook or other thin laptops without having to use any permanent adhesives. A 6-foot steel cable is included. You can choose a key lock or a combination lock model.

$79 at Amazon

For 2015 and older MBPs: KGear Security Lock Bracket

You can save a little money if you specifically have the 2015 and older MacBook Pro, in either size. This lock bracket is fairly unobtrusive, but be aware that it can possibly scratch your MacBook. It has a combination lock and a 6-foot cable.

$30 at Amazon

For MacBook Air: Maclocks Slot Adapter

This unobtrusive slot adapter offers an elegant solution for the MacBook Air. A 6-foot cable and combination lock are included.

$61 at Amazon

For MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: Maclocks Slot Adapter

This is the elegant solution for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models. Along with the slot adapter, you get a cable with a combination lock.

$57 at Amazon

Extra accessory: Kensignton Desk Mount Anchor

This is not a laptop lock, but rather an anchor just in case your desk doesn't have any place to wrap a cable around securely.

$12 at Amazon

No lock can keep a determined criminal from stealing your laptop, unfortunately, but any of these will act as a theft deterrent. My personal pick would be the Kensington MacBook Laptop Locking Station. I like the fact that it's compatible with any MacBook and that it doesn't require any adhesives or permanent modification to your MacBook.

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