Best MacBook Air M1 cases in 2024: Keep your MacBook Air safe from bumps and scrapes

So you've got your brand new, super sleek MacBook Air — but now you're going to want to get it protected. That's where one of the best MacBook Air cases comes into play, as they clip on and keep your precious laptop safe from potential bumps and scrapes. These are different from the sleeves that you might use. Rather than a fabric pouch that you fit the MacBook Air into, these are clip-on cases, akin to those you might find for your iPhone. They keep things thin and svelte while providing loads of protection. 

If you're really worried about damage you can combine the two — the sleeve keeps everything safe and secure in your backpack, and then the case keeps it scratch-free when you're at the cafe.

Note: These cases are made for the 2020 MacBook Air models. Since the 2022 M2 MacBook Air has slightly different dimensions, the hard shell cases may not fit. However, sleeves will fit just fine. Instead, check out the best cases for MacBook Air M2

Best MacBook Air cases

Best MacBook Air sleeves

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A MacBook Air case for everyone

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As we mention in our MacBook Air with M1 review, the laptop is extremely light and portable, and the best MacBook Air cases mentioned above are a significant investment to keep it looking great and free from scuffs. Don't forget; these cases only fit the MacBook Air — if you use a MacBook Pro, you'll need the best MacBook Pro cases

The newer MacBook Air (M2, 2022), which we recently reviewed, is shaped differently. Though the width and depth match the previous models, the height is different. Instead of the wedge shape ranging from 0.16 to 0.63 inches, the 2022 model has a uniform height of 0.61 inch. This may affect the fit of the cases on this list so make sure to double check before purchase.

For the MacBook Air, our top pick is the Batianda Design Case, because of the large assortment of incredible designs it comes in, and it's vented shell, which helps your laptop stay cool even during the most intense workloads. Plus, you also get a matching keyboard cover, screen protector, and cleaning brush. It's an excellent 4-in-1 deal, and a great value. 

Of course, if you want protection because you're worried you'll damage your MacBook Air, the ProCase slim hardshell case will quell your fears. Its multi-layered design is perfect for absorbing shocks, and its hard shell will keep scratches at bay.

What about sleeves?

These will fit your MacBook Air whether its the 13-inch M1 model or the larger M2 model. Our favorite is the Mosiso sleeve, with its excellent price, and wicked color selection. Those looking for more protection will want to look at the tomtoc option, however — it might cost more, but it will give you more peace of mind when you carry your MacBook Air while out and about.

Looking to upgrade your MacBook Air? Check out these amazing MacBook Air deals and where to find them. 

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