Best Mac Apps of July 2014

I've already shared my best Mac games of July 2014, so here are my picks for the best Mac apps of July. We've got a great presentation app, a super tool for users concerned with on-screen graphics elements (in app and web design, especially), an important update to a popular music app, and a terrific productivity app.


Flowboard is presentation software that started its life on iOS, as an excellent tool for building compelling presentations on the iPad. That same sensibility informs the Macintosh version of the app, which came out mid-July. Flowboard presentations are almost like interactive apps: navigation elements, links to documents, videos, image galleries and more. It'a a remimagining of how presentations work — a very different take on the idea that PowerPoint or Keynote. The presentations can be viewed on any platform by anyone.

If you're already familiar with Flowboard on iOS, the Mac version incorporates some new features like shape creation tools, a full color wheel and opacity control, rich text support, Vimeo videos, very exact positioning and sizing tools, and a full array of Mac keyboard commands.

Xscope 4

Xscope in action

OK, Xscope 4 actually came out late in June, but I'm including it anyway because it's really cool. If you work with on-screen graphics and layouts, Xscope is a terrific tool for measuring, inspecting and testing your designs. You can compare your layout with how it will look on various screens using different templates, display guides, use rulers and more.

Xscope 4 adds new text tools with search, text deciphering, reformatting and conversions; also new are overlay tools to help you check elements on your page, grides with breakpoints to simplify responsive web design and more.

Capo 3.1

Capo is a musician's tool to help learn how to play the songs you love. Listen to anything in your iTunes library. Capo can slow it down without affecting its pitch, so you can practice along to learn the track. It will automatically generate tablature for you, displays chord shapes in various tunings, lets you loop regions and more.

The 3.1 release, which came out in July, sports two important new features: Chord Intelligence, which now automatically detects chords when you open a song, and iCloud sync. Why is iCloud sync important? Because it works with the equally awesome (and brand new) Capo Touch for iOS, syncing your project seamlessly.

LaunchBar 6


OK, again, I'm cheating, because LaunchBar 6 came out in June, but I'm technically not cheating because it was updated in July. Anyway, LaunchBar is a fantastic productivity tool that provides you with instant access to apps and documents, speedy file management, searching on the web and desktop, clipboard history, snippet management and more. LaunchBar keeps you fingers on the keyboard where they belong, making you faster and more productive.

LaunchBar 6 was completely redesigned user interface that can now be themed, support for the anonymous web search tool DuckDukGo, live Calendar input feedback, new indexing rules to support emoji and Mavericks Finder Tags, and more.

What are yours?

I'm sure I left some out. What new Mac apps did you discover in July that are worthy of note? Let me know in the comments.

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