The MacBook Air isn't called that for nothing. It's light and it is thin, and it needs protection. Something so portable is bound to go with you everywhere, and a computer this thin really isn't built for everyday "wear and tear."

These are the best cases, covers, and sleeves for your MacBook Air.

Mosiso plastic hard case

The old standby of laptop cases, the plastic hard case is inexpensive (starting around $12), and you can get a bunch of different colors and designs, so you can switch it up from day to day. Mosiso's plastic cases are available for both the 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air and they come with a screen cover, as well as a matching keyboard cover.

If you're looking for solid protection at a great value, in just about any color, then this is the laptop case for your MacBook Air. Just make sure you select the correct size before you check out.

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Lacdo waterproof sleeve

Lacdo makes awesome sleeve, and this waterproof one is perfect for your delicate MacBook Air. It's available for both sizes of MacBook Air and comes in seven vibrant colors, so you can get one to match your style.

The zipper closure keeps water, dust, and everything else out, while the soft cloth interior protects your MacBook Air from scratches. There's also a zippered outer pocket for your phone, a notepad, pens, or whatever you need to carry. This is the perfect sleeve for students or professionals on the go who have a fairly limited carry. For $11, you really can't go wrong.

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NexCase rubberized dual layer bumper cover

Livin' a bit of the rougher life? Then this bumper cover from NexCase is what you need. It has protection in all the right places and an impact- and scratch-resistant cover to prevent dings and gouges. There's also a shock-absorbent lining beneath the rubber parts to help cushion and falls or bumps.

You have four color options to choose from, and these cases start around $25.

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Mosiso Chevron Style sleeve bag

Mosiso graces our list yet again with its functional and fashionable Chevron Style sleeve bag, which (you guessed it) doubles as a bag and a laptop sleeve. It features a spill-resistant outer layer, with a soft fabric lining so as not to scratch your MacBook Air.

It has two outer pockets: a large zipper compartment and a smaller, open pocket, and its padded shoulder strap is removable for when you just need a sleeve. You can pick it up in five lovely colors, starting around $18 for the 11-inch version and $19 for the 13-inch version. Make sure you have the right size at checkout!

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Tomtoc ultra slim sleeve

Tomtoc's ultra slim sleeve is a gorgeous combination of pleather and and canvas that stylishly protects your MacBook Air and looks great in any setting, in the office, classroom, wherever.

The handiest bit is the magnet closure, which is both convenient and elegantly executed, with small, round magnets at each corner of the flap. There's also an outer pocket for your notebook, pens, and even a smaller iPad. Snag it for $19.

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Pad & Quill Valet Slim Portfolio

Pad & Quill is known for its fine leather goods, and if you're looking for a fine leather sleeve for your fine MacBook Air, then P&Q is where it's at. And the Valet Slim Portfolio is a sophisticated-looking option that'll fit both versions of the MacBook Air.

For $110, you get full-grain saddle leather, parachute-grade stitching, P&Q's tuck-locking bookmark accent closure, and it's all one piece of leather!

You have your choice of chestnut or whiskey color options (brown and lighter brown).

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How do you protect your MacBook Air?

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