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We've only just begun to realize the potential of MagSafe technology, but already there are ton of MagSafe accessories that make it useful. For example, by implementing the best MagSafe tripods and mounts, you can use any iPhone 12 to shoot photography and videos quickly and easily. MagSafe mounts for cars are also incredibly convenient. These are the best MagSafe tripods and mounts available right now.

Moment Pro Tripod Mount For Magsafe

The original: Moment Pro Tripod Mount with MagSafe

Staff Pick

Moment was making magnetic iPhone accessories long before MagSafe, and now it is in its element. Moment was the first to release MagSafe-compatible tripod mounts and photography accessories, and its products have a long legacy of excellent quality.

Kuaguozhe For Iphone 12 Magsafe Tripod

Best value: Kuaguozhe for iPhone 12 Magsafe Tripod

More than just a tripod mount, the Kuaguozhe serves as an entire tripod that is quick and easy to set up. This option also comes in at a nice low price point.

$20 at Amazon
Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount With Face Tracking

Best for shooting video: Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking

As many YouTubers can tell you, shooting iPhone videos by yourself can be limiting. Belkin has opened up the possibilities with this AR face-tracking, Magsafe-compatible mount. The mount works with an accompanying app to track your face and swivels to follow you throughout the frame during solo video shoots.

$65 at Belkin
Mous Magsafe Compatible Charger Stand

Just the stand: Mous MagSafe Compatible Charger Stand

For those who just need a charging stand within a hand's reach, the Mous Charger Stand is a simple and elegant solution. This minimal stand works with your existing MagSafe charger to keep the iPhone suspended at a convenient angle for video calls or just for general use while it charges.

$30 at Mous
Turing Tripod Mount With Magsafe

Versatile solution: Turing Tripod Mount with MagSafe

The Turing Tripod Mount can work with most standard tripods, so it is a versatile solution for many applications. Even if your tripod is not made by Turing, it should work with the Turing mount.

$29 at Turing
Belkin Car Vent Mount Pro With Magsafe

Best for the car: Belkin Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe

Whether you're checking maps or FaceTiming on the go, the Belkin Car Vent Mount PRO snaps quickly into any car vent for quick MagSafe mounting. This one swivels from vertical to horizontal mode as necessary.

Belkin Magnetic Fitness Phone Mount

The anywhere mount: Belkin Magnetic Fitness Phone Mount

The Magnetic Fitness Mount from Belkin goes way beyond the gym. This innovative device attaches to any magnetic surface, such as a refrigerator or metal bar. Use it on any magnetic metal for an instant mounting solution on the go.

Spigen Onetap Pro Designed For Magsafe Wireless Car Charger

Permanent car mount: Spigen OneTap Pro Magsafe Car Charger Mount

If a vent mount is not your ideal driving solution, the Spigen OneTap Charger Mount can be used on the dash or the windshield. Even better, it serves as both an iPhone mount and charger.

Here's what we would recommend

Whether you're shooting video, FaceTiming on the go, or setting up a solo photo shoot, MagSafe makes mounting your iPhone more convenient than ever. The best MagSafe tripods and mounts take advantage of this technology to provide innovative options that support a variety of implementations. Our favorite device is the Moment Pro Tripod Mount because of its high-end quality and compatibility with so many Moment photography solutions.

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If it's solo videos you're shooting, look into the Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount since it supports the latest AR face-tracking technology. With this mount, your iPhone 12 will follow you across a set, even if you're moving around in the space. From shooting to driving, there's a mount or tripod on this list for any MagSafe mounting application.

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