Best apps for following the 2016 NFL season

These football apps for iPhone and iPad keep tabs on scores for your favorite teams, drill down into detailed player stats, feature video clips, expert commentary, and often a little fantasy football on the side. If you're pumped about football starting up, take a look at our app picks.

NFL Mobile

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NFL Mobile

When you want information direct from the source, NFL's mobile app is the way to go. Scores of ongoing games are updated to the minute, and a wide range of news stories are available to follow up on the latest matches. If you're a Verizon customer, you get a few extra features, like video streams of primetime games.


theScore is a well-loved sports app which lets you personalize your coverage across a wide range of sports. Comprehensive news coverage includes high-quality still photos, video clips, and the latest news. The real serious fans can dig into deep player and team stats. A particularly nice addition is Apple Watch support with tailored push notifications, which you don't see everywhere.


ESPN app

With the ESPN app for iOS, you can easily set alerts for your favorite teams so you never miss a beat. You can tune in live to the ESPN Radio stream to catch up, and look through the results of recent games. Fantasy football is also baked right into the app if you feel like joining in. Of course ESPN does more than football; there are subsections for MLB, NBA, PGA, MMA, and just about every other sport under the sun.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports apps

Yahoo Sports lets you follow NFL, NBA, baseball, and just about any other sport you're interested in. Real-time alerts keep you up-to-date, while game, team, and player profile pages let you dig deep. News feeds are kept up to date with entries from popular experts. There's also fantasy football baked right into the app, if you're into that kind of thing.

Your favorite NFL team apps

Every NFL team has a free, dedicated app for keeping tabs on players, games, and other news. These are perfect for those that are well and truly rooting for the home team. Here's the full list.









Your favorite?

That should keep you in the loop for the rest of the NFL 2015 season. How do you guys keep tabs on your favorite football teams?

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