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Easily remembered, broadly repeated passwords are for suckers. Writing them down to type back in, or copy/pasting them each time is not only a hassle, it's a disaster waiting to happen. Security just isn't easy and convenient enough for most people, most of the time. Unless you have a great password manager app! From generating super strong, unique, pseudo-random passwords, to auto-filling logins and credit card info, a great password manager means you really can have it all — security and convenience. Here are the best ones!



1Password is one of the most popular password management solutions around and for good reason. It's widely available, on just about any platform you could think of, and it lets you store far more than just passwords.

You can store usernames, credit card information, addresses, bank account numbers, software licenses, and tons more. You can even use the built-in Security Audit to see how strong your passwords really are. The Watchtower feature also lets you know if any of your accounts are vulnerable.

With a ton of great features and cross-platform compatibility out the wazoo, 1Password is easily one of the best password management solutions around.



LastPass might just be the most popular password manager around, thanks to the fact that it's free, as well as a host of great features.

You can store usernames and passwords and sync everything across all of your devices (cross-platform too!). You can even create secure notes and favorite the important ones — you can also add photos and custom audio to each note.

You get offline access to your vault and can even log in to Safari and Chrome extensions online. The handy emergency access feature also lets you give trusted family members a way to access your vault in an emergency while declining access during a waiting period if outside access isn't necessary.

LastPass is free to download and a yearly subscription to LastPass Premium is $11.99, which gets you unlimited sync across an unlimited number of devices, a shared family folder, premium multifactor authentication options, and priority tech support.



DashLane is your password manager and your secure digital wallet. Not only does DashLane remember all your passwords, but it auto-fills your passwords on any website and generates and saves new passwords as you browse.

This manager also checks the strength of all of your passwords and monitors all of your accounts for security breaches. The one-click password change feature is handy and a convenient way to replace weak and vulnerable passwords.

You can also sync and share passwords between you and your contacts and even manage their access to shared passwords and notes, setting up emergency access to certain passwords and notes in case you're unavailable.

DashLane is free to download and use, and you can subscribe to a year of its premium service for $39.99, 3 years for $99.99, and 5 years for $149.99.



Keeper's great for saving and storing just about anything you need to keep secure. You can save private file, photos, videos, passwords (duh), and you can encrypt everything and even control the logout timer in case you forget to sign out.

Along with safe storage, it comes with great customization options, like the ability to customize template and fields, as well as the ability to add custom background themes to style your personal vault the way you like it.

Keeper is free to download, and you'll get local password storage for one device, as well as email support. For $29.99 per year, you'll get unlimited password storage, unlimited sync across an unlimited number of devices, unlimited secure cloud backup, fingerprint login, and more!



EnPass is the best way to go if you prefer a completely free password manager. The Mac desktop app has all the features and there are no subscription charges or sign-up required. You can store just about anything with backup and restore options, just in case. It also features a strong password generator and Password Audit, which scans for old, weak, and duplicate passwords.

EnPass's auto-lock feature causes EnPass to lock itself when not in use or when a device is lost, which is great since you get cross-platform compatibility and can sync across all of your devices. If you're making the switch from another password manager, you can even import your passwords and data for a seamless transition.

EnPass is totally free — no subscription required for premium features!

iCloud Keychain

iCloud KeychainiCloud Keychain

We can't forget about Apple's default password management solution, iCloud Keychain. If you have OS X Mavericks, you've got it built right in. And if you have an iOS device running iOS 7, iCloud Keychain should sync your passwords pretty seamlessly across OS X and iOS with little effort on your part. There's definitely some work to be done on Apple's part, but it's a good start.

If you're running OS X Mavericks or above and value simplicity above all, give iCloud Keychain a try.

  • Built into OS X

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Originally published June 2014. Updated October 2016.



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