Best Screen Protectors for Apple Watch Series 5 iMore 2020

A screen protector on your Apple Watch may seem a little unnecessary at first. However, considering you likely wear your Apple Watch everywhere, it's reasonable to expect it may be prone to scratches and scuffs. Just like with a phone, a screen protector is one of the best ways to ensure the display on your Apple Watch stays in mint condition. Here are the best screen protectors for your Apple Watch Series 5.

Tempered glass 2-pack: Wzson screen protector (44mm)

Staff Favorite

With a black edge that matches the slight bezel of the Apple Watch perfectly, this glass screen protector looks seamlessly when installed.

$14 at Amazon

Quality flim six pack: ArmorSuit screen protector (40mm)

Made from scratch-resistant and self-healing film material, the ArmorSuit screen protector won't yellow over time. Plus, it comes in a 6-pack!

$8 at Amazon

Lifetime Warranty: LK screen protector (40mm)

This flexible TPU screen protector has curved edges to cover as much of the front glass on the Apple Watch as possible.

$10 at Amazon

Case and screen protector: i-Blason case and screen protector (44mm)

A great two-for-one deal. A glass screen protector and TPU bumper case for the ultimate protection.

$13 at Amazon

Anti-bubble installation: RhinoSkin screen protector (44mm)

A fantastic guide makes it easy to ensure you get a bubble-free installation every time you place a RhinoSkin screen protector.

$7 at Amazon

Glass is best

Just like with your iPhone, a tempered glass screen protector offers the best protection for your Apple Watch Series 5, which is why we suggest the Wzson screen protector. It will prevent scratches and scuffs a little better than film protectors, and it seamlessly fits from edge-to-edge on your Apple Watch.

Flim protectors are cheaper and easier to install, which is why you'll often find them come in bulk. If a film protector is more your style, we love the RhinoSkin screen protector. Not only do they come in a pack of six, but it has one of the best and easy bubble-free installation guides, so you don't have to worry about messing up the first time.

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