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Best slipcases and covers for the MacBook

If you value your MacBook's silver, gold, or space black finish, you'll want to protect it.

On one hand, it's a shame to disguise the gorgeous lines of the new MacBook. On the other, you don't want that beautiful machine to get scratched and banged up either. If you're looking for a MacBook slip case or snap on cover, here are the best I've been able to find so far. All of these will work great with whatever bag, backpack or carrying case you opt for, or even just fine on their own.

The Sleeve

Pad & Quill's The Sleeve was originally designed for the 11-inch MacBook Air, but they say it also works well for the MacBook. It's full-grain leather and twill woven 24 ounce waxed canvas held together with nylon stitching and a "bookmark" closure—a leather strap. It's also the kind of hand-made craftwork that will look better as it ages and weathers.

  • $69.99 - Buy now (opens in new tab)


Waterfield Designs got its start when a bike messenger got fed up with lousy messenger bags and started making them himself. Since then, the company's built out an impressive portfolio of bags, sleeves and cases. The Dash is designed especially for the new MacBook. It's woven of ballistic nylon lined with shock-resistant foam. Inside a plush liner protects the MacBook's metal case. A stretch mesh back pocket lets you slip in the power cord and other accessories. Slip it inside another bag for maximum protection.


Moshi's Muse sports a padded exterior with a "slipgrip" opening to keep the MacBook from falling out accidentally. The inside is lined with microfiber to keep the MacBook looking polished and pristine. An outer pocket lets you store cables and other accessories, and a flap keeps everything protected. Available in "Sahara Beige" and "Graphite Black", it looks good in both.

  • $44.95 - Buy now (opens in new tab)


Another Moshi product, the iGlaze snaps on to the exterior of the MacBook to protect the aluminum from scratches, dents, and dings. Micro-clips keep the iGlaze in place and raised rubber feet give the MacBook some grip on slick surfaces. There's a vent to allow for air flow and heat dissipation. It's translucent, so the color of the MacBook comes through, and the entire thing is coated with scratch protection to keep looking slick for a long time

  • $54.95 - Buy now (opens in new tab)

Transparent Hard Shell Case

If the iGlaze's translucent look isn't right for you, check out i-Blason Transparent Hard Shell Case. It's another snap-on case for the MacBook that has built-in air vents and leaves the USB-C port open too. It's available in clear, just like the iGlaze, but i-Blason also makes it in green, blue, gold, pink, and black if you'd like to add a splash of custom color to your MacBook.

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Your slipcase or cover?

Have you found another slipcase or cover for your new MacBook that you like better than these options? Let me know about them in the comments.

  • I have the Speck Satin Black snap on case for my 2015 13 inch MacBook Pro with Retina display and it works great and you can see the glowing Apple logo when its on, the texture gives you a grip when you pick up the laptop but looks smooth, raised feet on the bottom and cutouts for everything including the vents underneath, Speck hit this one out of the ballpark with this case!!
  • I have an Inateck sleeve recommended by Andy Ihnatko on the MacBreak Weekly podcast a few months ago. $16.99 on Also comes with a protective sleeve for your Mac's power adapter. Very nice.
  • For sleeves, I prefer Cocones to P&Q. Personally don't have the need for one though.
  • I have the WaterField Designs Smart Case for my 11" MacBook Air. It matches my Muzetto bag.
  • I have a MacBook Pro but I have always have decent luck with iPearl snap on cases. You can get multiple colors, they have extendable legs for the rear to give it about an inch in lift (yes it makes a difference to see the screen better and heat dissipation), and the Apple logo glows through. My only concerns have been that the rubber foot pads don't stay on well.