Best thin cases for iPhone 13 iMore 2022

Your iPhone 13 is sleek and stylish all on its own. You may not want to cover up its simple beauty, but a little protection is necessary. That's why one of the best thin cases for iPhone 13 is your best bet when it comes to minimal protection that doesn't take away from the iPhone's design aesthetic. Here's an assortment of options to fit different preferences and budgets.

Apple Silicone Case

The original: Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

Staff Pick

Although Apple's silicone case is not the thinnest in the bunch, it is slim and sleek and fits the iPhone like a soft, protective glove. This is a classic case with a lovely look and feel. There's a silicone case for every style with eight colors to choose from.

Otterbox Iphone 13 Lumen Series With Magsafe

Robust protection: OtterBox Lumen Series with MagSafe

For robust protection you can trust, Otterbox is always our go-to. The Lumens is mostly clear to show off your iPhone 13's colorful back plate, but it has some bright pops of color to set it apart. This one is made to be fully compatible with all MagSafe accessories.

$50 at Apple
Tech21 Evo Art Floral Bouquet Case

Pretty pretty prints: Tech21 Evo Art Floral Bouquet Case

This Tech21 Evo Art series is only available at the Apple store. This semi-transparent case is covered in bright, colorful prints that are sure to catch the eye. I like styles like this because they let the true colors of the iPhone show through while taking the emphasis away from the stark white MagSafe circle on the back.

$50 at Apple
Iphone 13 Leather Case With Magsafe

Slim and swanky: Apple Leather Case with MagSafe

Apple's Leather Case is one of the slimmest leather cases you'll find. It's made from silky smooth leather available in five understated colorways. This one is also fully compatible with MagSafe, but keep in mind the leather will eventually develop a MagSafe "ring" imprint where accessories attach to it.

Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Best value: Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Here's a slim, protective case that comes in at a nice affordable price point. It's etched with subtle patterns on the back and sides to improve impact absorption and grip. It's a fine simple case, but it only comes in two colors.

$15 at Amazon
Esr Clear Case

A clear choice: ESR Clear Case

A truly clear case is the best way to show off the smart design of your iPhone 13. This pliable silicone and TPU case from ESR is transparent, soft, and easy to install. The clear case will protect against everyday bumps and scratches, and it won't break the bank.

$15 at Amazon
Pitaka Magnetic Case

Bullet-proof: PITAKA Magnetic MagEZ Case 2

The PITAKA MagEZ case is shockingly thin, and yet the aramid fiber is the same ultra-tough material used in bullet-proof vests. It is protective, very cool to look at, and fully compatible with MagSafe. The MagEZ system also offers a variety of cool magnetic accessories that work in conjunction with this case.

$60 at Amazon
Steeplab Eco Warrior Case

Conscious consumerism: SteepLab Eco Warrior Case

For those who prefer to buy environmentally conscious products, SteepLab recently released a line of biodegradable cases that are both slim and cute. The plant-based material provides protection, and it even looks planet-friendly! It will be shipped in recycled materials, so you can feel good about every aspect of this purchase.

$20 at Amazon

Thin win

Have you decided which of the best thin cases for iPhone 13 will work for your beloved smartphone? Our favorite is the Apple Silicone Case for its simple, classic design and high-quality materials. This one is reasonably protective and comes in lots of fun colors.

For those who prefer a transparent case, the ESR Clear Case offers basic protection in a totally clear shell. While it works with MagSafe chargers, this case may not be compatible with MagSafe mounts. But it doesn't have an unsightly white ring on the back panel, so this may be the best way to go for minimalists. No matter your style and budget, one of the thin cases on this list could be the perfect fit for your iPhone 13.

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