Best Thunderbolt drives for Mac iMore 2022

All Macs available today have Thunderbolt ports available for use. Thunderbolt connections are one of the fastest ways to transfer data. If you are using a Thunderbolt drive, your data will transfer to and from your drive with amazingly fast speeds. Let's find out which are the best Thunderbolt drives for Mac.

Samsung Ssd X

Thunderbolt and shock resistant: SAMSUNG X5 Portable SSD 500GB

Staff Pick

If you are looking for Thunderbolt-powered external storage, look no further than the Samsung X5 Portable SSD. With read speeds of 2,800 MB/sec and write speeds of 2,300 MB/sec, your data transfers at lightning speed. This SSD features a full metal body and is shock-resistant. It's available in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB sizes.

From $199 at Amazon
Plugable Thunderbolt

Plugable Thunderbolt drive: Plugable 512GB Thunderbolt 3 External SSD NVMe Drive

The Plugable Thunderbolt 3 drive has read speeds of 2,400 MB/sec and 1,800 MB/sec write speeds. It contains a full metal body and weighs only 6.2oz. It includes a carrying bag to protect the body of the drive when traveling. You can purchase it in 512MB, 1TB, or 2TB sizes.

From $249 at Amazon
G Technology G Drive

Large capacity: G-Technology 6TB G-Drive with Thunderbolt

The G-Technology G-Drive is a Thunderbolt desktop drive that you would buy if you need a large capacity drive. It's a 7200 rpm spinning drive, so it won't be nearly as fast as an SSD, but this is worth a look for professionals who need storage.

$349 at Amazon
Lacie Ssd

Tough and speedy: LaCie 1TB Rugged SSD Pro External Drive with Thunderbolt 3

The LaCie Thunderbolt SSD is an external drive for anyone who needs a rugged drive for working in the field. This SSD is IP67 water-resistant, has three-meter drop resistance, and two-ton pressure resistance. If you are working in tough terrain, this is the drive for you.

$399 at Apple
Sabrent Rocket Ssd

Blazing fast and solid: Sabrent Rocket XTRM-Q 2TB

The Sabrent drive will automatically detect your Thunderbolt connection with read and write speeds of 2,700 MB/sec, so this drive is super fast. It's made of solid aluminum and has an integrated temperature and health monitoring system.

$359 at Amazon
Glyph Technologies 8tb Ssd

Hi speed and storage: Glyph Technologies 8TB Atom Pro NVMe Thunderbolt 3 External Solid-State Drive

This is a drive strictly for professionals who need speed and storage with no regard to price. The drive has super fast transfer speeds and 8TB of solid-state storage, so if you need to store a lot of 4K video or RAW photos, this may be the drive to buy.

$2399 at B&H

Which Thunderbolt drive should you buy?

Using the Thunderbolt connection on your Mac will allow you to transfer data at lightning speeds. If you want fast read and write speeds with the drive you purchase, make sure the drive specifically has a Thunderbolt connection.

For most people looking to have fast speed and storage with a degree of protection for their data, the Samsung X5 is the best choice. This is a drive for the masses with fast read and write speeds, a reasonable starting price, and a shock-resistant body.

The LaCie 1TB Rugged SSD is a great choice for people working in the field and need a water-resistant and drop-resistant solution. For video professionals who need a combination of storage and speed to transfer large video files quickly, the Glyph Technologies 8TB drive is worth a look. Just be prepared to pay a premium for it.

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