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I've been in love with Touch ID on the MacBook Pro since the day I laid my hands (literally) on it. Touch ID makes logging into password-protected content, like making music purchases in iTunes and unlocking my screen, easy, convenient, and totally awesome. I want Touch ID on all my Macs.

Unfortunately, I've only found a handful of apps with Touch ID on the Mac — that is, apps that allow you to use your fingerprint to lock and unlock either content in an app or the app itself. Below are the best. If you have a favorite Mac app that supports Touch ID on the MacBook Pro, please let me know in the comments.

Apple's iWork suite

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Apple has added Touch ID support for its productivity suite of apps. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote have the ability to enable password protection for individual documents. Once a password is set, you can use Touch ID to unlock it.

The great thing about Touch ID with iWork is that you can set a different password for each document. You don't have to use the same one across all of your files. I find this especially helpful for purposes of sharing documents with workmates. I can set a specific password and freely share it with others without anyone being able to access my other documents with the same password.

iWork comes installed on the MacBook Pro, but just in case you need the App Store link:


The wonderful development team at AgileBits were the first on the scene to offer third-party Touch ID support for its password manager, 1Password. I've been using it from the start and it's made my life 10 times easier. Not only can I create complex, unique passwords for every single account that I am signed up with, but now I can unlock the vault that protects those passwords with just the touch of my finger.

Once enabled, all extensions connected to your 1Password account can be unlocked with Touch ID, including the Safari plugin and 1Password mini in the Menu bar.

It's the safest and most convenient way to keep your passwords (and other important private information) protected.


One of the best writing apps on the Mac, Ulysses, has PIN-protected unlocking support for Touch ID. If you're writing the next award-winning novel and don't want anyone getting their idea-stealing hands on your masterpiece, you can lock the app so only you can get into it.

When you set up PIN protection in Ulysses, you can tick the box to enable Touch ID. Then, whenever you try to open the app, you'll be asked to unlock it with your fingerprint.

You can't lock documents individually, but you can feel safer knowing that your personal biography won't be read without your permission.


When it comes to keeping your thoughts to yourself, you'll definitely want to lock your diary (or journal or whatever you want to call it). Journaly is the only journaling app that I know of (so far), that supports Touch ID on the Mac. So, if you want to make the most out of your 2016 MacBook Pro, you can secure your daily thoughts, musings, and angry rants with your fingerprint.

Interestingly, when you enable Touch ID on Journaly for Mac, you don't create an app-specific password or PIN. If you can't, for some reason, use Touch ID to unlock it, you can use your Mac's login password instead.

Your favorites?

Are there any Touch ID-supported Mac apps you'd like to see on this list? Put them in the comments and I'll look into them. Your favorite app may end up being one of mine, too.

Updated July 2018: Updated for 2018 MacBook Pro with Touch ID.

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