Best VR Headset for iPhone

Why Merge VR is the best

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Cheap VR headsets have a tendency to be poorly made, or in many cases actually constructed of cardboard. Merge VR steps away from that tradition with a foam body that is surprisingly functional considering the design. A piece of the headset can be removed to expose the camera on your phone, which enables video pass-through VR apps that aren't as common due to the design of most Cardboard apps. Connecting headphones is also easy with this design, which is good because most wireless headphones are not great for VR. Once you have headphones attached, you can strap Merge VR to your head and use it for as long as you like. Or until the battery on your phone dies.

The most important part of Merge is that it not only works with all Google Cardboard apps, the company is working on accessories that will enhance VR for gaming and education. That means this headset is going to be around for quite a while, so your investment is about as future-proof as you can get when it comes to VR with the exception of size.

Although the iPhone X seems to fit comfortable the 8+ struggles to stretch the foam out enough to slide in, not a problem right now as we want the fit to be snug, if phones get any bigger though, the Merge VR design may need to be revised.


Google Cardboard headsets come in all shapes and sizes, but these are the best for your iPhone. The Merge VR headset offers comfort and functionality, View-Master looks amazing and includes great educational content, and short of building one yourself it's hard to find a headset cheaper than I AM CARDBOARD. All you have to do is choose which best suits your needs!

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