Best weather apps for Mac: Living Earth, Degrees, Clear Day, and more!

From severe weather warnings to radar maps and future forecast, these are the very best weather apps for Mac!

The weather dictates how we plan for our days, from what we wear to what activities we can plan for. If you spend a lot of time on your Mac, a good weather app can keep you up to date on today's weather and tomorrow's forecast. But which Mac weather apps are the best? Here are my favorites!

Living Earth

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Living Earth is a simple weather app that sits in your task bar and pulls information from Weather Underground. It shows the current temperature for your current location as well as an icon showing current conditions. Clicking on it expands the view to show all the locations you're monitoring. Click on any one of them to view a brief 7-day forecast for that area. Drill down even further to reveal hourly data. Living Earth also comes bundled with a pretty awesome screen saver as well as a desktop option that can show a globe with current weather conditions.

If you want the most visually appealing weather experience or a desktop option, Living Earth is a great choice.

Weather Live

Weather Live is a standalone weather app but also has an option to place it in the menu bar. You are shown basic weather elements at a quick glance such as humidity, precipitation, pressure, and visibility. Below that you're given an hourly breakdown followed by weather predictions for the next four days. The settings menu has a few different layout as well that give a little different information if you prefer.

If you want basic weather but prefer having a customizable interface, Weather Live provides that.

Clear Day

Clear Day is a gorgeous weather app with stunning animations. On top of that it supports iCloud sync so you can sync all your weather data from iOS and Mac. For the US, Canada, and Australia you can view detailed radar maps via NOAA. The National Weather Service is also integrated for US and Europe for weather warnings in your area. Clear Day also offers more info in the menu bar than many others do, mainly weather for multiple locations in just a click instead of just your current location.

If you want a stunning experience that's consistent across OS X and iOS, look no further than Clear Day.


Degrees is a simple little weather widget that sits in your menu bar and shows you an icon representation of current weather conditions next to the current temperature. That's it. You can enter the preferences panel to add multiple locations and change from Celsius to Fahrenheit but that's about it. It's simple, it's easy, and nothing more.

If you just want to know the temperature and current conditions at a quick glance, nothing else, get Degrees.

Your picks?

If you monitor the weather on your Mac, what app do you prefer to use? Or do you just load up a web browser? Let us know in the comments!

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.