Billguard's card locations tell you when your card is used away from your phone

Billguard, the mobile app that helps protect you and your credit cards, is today announcing an interesting new feature for iPhone users in the U.S. Card Location Alerts is a new feature they're rolling out that ties your phone's location data to your card usage. If your credit card is used and its not at the same location as your smartphone, you'll get an unexpected location alert.

You have to opt in to the service, so the choice on whether to use the location data from your phone is entirely yours. But once opted in, Billguard will monitor your location data to try and match against where your card has been used. If it thinks that something fishy is going on, and it's not something like a genuine remote purchase such as Amazon, you'll get an alert.

If you do discover fraudulent charges highlighted in this manner, you're able to dispute them right within the app. The location data can also be used to give you a monthly spending map, showing you the where of your spending as well as the when. Billguard remains free to use for consumers, and you'll find the latest version at the App Store link below.

Richard Devine

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