Do you remember how Tony would offer small businesses protection in exchange for a monthly payment in The Sopranos? Norton's got a similar thing going on in the digital realm, wherein it'll keep you from getting any bricks through your online window in exchange for a small, small payment of $299 for your first year.

Well, that's if you want the ultra-protective Norton 360 Ultimate Plus tier of its services. For just $10 for your first year, you can score Norton AntiVirus Plus. That's 83% off the usual fee. The cheap tier will give one device all the protections a basic Mac or iPhone user would need. From there, you can pay a bit more to score Norton 360 Deluxe, which will protect up to five devices and offer perks like dark web monitoring.

Past that, you can go even harder in the paint with Norton 360 Select, which also offers coverage for five devices and further expands the list of protections. Until, finally, you'll arrive back at Norton 360 Ultimate Plus, which covers unlimited devices and provides the absolute biggest list of safeguards for your Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

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Save up to 83%: Norton Antivirus

It's a dangerous digital world out there. Get some cyber Kevlar courtesy of Norton and beat down viruses with ease, so you're free to watch all six seasons of The Sopranos without interruption from pesky cyber threats.

Starting at $10/yr

The cool thing about this deal from Norton is that it can cost however much you want it to, so long as you're fine with a minimum of $10. And that means you'll have more money left over for other Black Friday offerings, such as the best Apple Black Friday deals. Or, alternatively, you can just get your discounted Norton subscription and save the rest of your money for your kid's college fund or something.

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