White Apple Watch Series 7 Render.webpSource: PhoneArena

What you need to know

  • Apple is expected to announce Apple Watch Series 7 within weeks.
  • Apple's next wearable is expected to get a big new redesign.
  • New renders show just how stunning Apple Watch Series 7 could be if the rumors are true.

Rumors already have Apple getting ready to release a big new Apple Watch Series 7 refresh within a matter of weeks and now we've been treated to some stunning new renders. As one former Apple executive might say, these things are blow-away!

Shared by the folks at PhoneArena, the new renders show everything we've been told to expect by various sources of the last few months. That includes a new flat-edged design that looks more like iPhone 12, while a flatter screen is also present. Smaller bezels are noticeable in these renders as well, something that should make the move to 41mm and 45mm displays less obtrusive.

Red Black Apple Watch Series 7 RendersSource: PhoneArena

Apple is expected to announce the new watches around the same time we see iPhone 13 break cover next month, although the exact timing isn't yet known. However, it's clear that the biggest change in how this year's models will look goes to the wearable, possibly even making it the more exciting release of this quarter.

Looking at these renders it's easy to believe this will be the best Apple Watch Apple has ever sold and if rumors of a green version are true, we're in for quite a treat come unveiling time!

Despite the exterior changes, we're told not to expect new health sensors this year, unfortunately. A new report by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman suggests we will have to wait until next year for that.