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What you need to know

  • UK MPs have called on the government to try and bring manufacturing of a rumored Apple Car to Britain.
  • MPs said it was a no-brainer that would create jobs and build on the UK's high-tech workforce.

MPs in the UK have called on the government to try and bring manufacturing of a rumored Apple Car to the UK.

From The Telegraph:

MPs are urging the Government to make a bid for Apple to manufacture its electric cars here in Britain, saying such a move would be a "no brainer". Reports suggest the iPhone maker is planning to begin producing a passenger vehicle with "breakthrough battery technology" in 2024, leading to intense speculation about where the car will be manufactured. James Sunderland, Conservative MP for Bracknell, said he was supportive of the idea of Britain bidding for Apple to build cars in the UK.

Sunderland said the move was a "no brainer" stating "Let's bring new car production to the UK, use the high-tech workforce that we already have, create new jobs and build electric cars."

Conservative MP for Doncaster Nick Fletcher said that as the UK economy recovers from COVID-19 the country "should be engaging with new, innovative industries that help boost economic growth whilst helping the environment." Apple Car is reportedly an autonomous electric vehicle that could be based on Hyundai's E-GMP platform. Conservative MP for Dudley North Marco Longhi said that Apple Car "would be a fantastic investment for the Midlands and the Black Country", which has a long-standing pedigree of automotive expertise."

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Whilst a UK deal could involve onshoring the operation of Apple's chosen manufacturer, it does already have a strong presence from Nissa in the country, which could be one of the rumored manufacturers holding talks with Apple over a deal.