BUILT BY GIRLS, Speck and Verizon unveil winning designs in Make My Case competition, now available exclusively at Verizon

What you need to know

  • BUILT BY GIRLS, Speck and Verizon have announced the winning designs in its Make My Case Competition
  • Dyllen Nellis (Stanford '23) and Shannon Li (University of Michigan '22) were chosen out of a pool of 150+ entries.
  • The limited-edition Presidio Inked cases are available now for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max starting at $44.99 in Verizon stores and on vzw.com.

BUILT BY GIRLS, Speck and Verizon have today unveiled the winning designs in its first-ever Make My Case competition. The 2 winning designs are now available exclusively from Verizon stores and vzw.com

The Make My Case competition invited creative-minded young women and non-binary students to showcase their artistic and visionary designs for the chance to receive one of two $5K prizes and have their original design printed on a Speck phone case.

Dyllen Nellis (Stanford '23) and Shannon Li (University of Michigan '22) had their designs chosen from a pool of over 150 entries. Their cases will be released as limited-edition prints as part of Speck's Presidio Inked line, and will be available exclusively through Verizon stores and vzw.com

The press release states:

"Through this competition, we wanted to celebrate the power of what is possible when girls are given the tools and opportunities to achieve their dreams and claim their place in society," said BUILT BY GIRLS Executive Director, Tiana Davis Kara. "The winning designs were selected because of their originality and powerful messages that align with the BUILT BY GIRLS mission to prepare the next generation of female and nonbinary leaders to step boldly into careers powered by technology."

The two competition winners both created stunning case designs. Up first, Dyllen Nellis, from Stanford:

"I wanted to create artwork that would inspire positivity and collaboration in others," said Nellis. "Like the values of BUILT BY GIRLS, it needed to show that girls are fully capable of being leaders and makers of change."Her design carries a strong theme of sisterhood, diversity, and empowerment. Nellis is a member of the class of 2023 at Stanford University, where she hopes to use her voice through design, tech, and theatre to help elevate others and innovate for social good.

Shannon Li's eye catching minimalist design (also below) is all about the message:

"I strongly believe young women, women of color, women of the LGBTQ+ or any marginalized community should feel empowered to break barriers, by not only striving to fight for their seat at the table, but by building their own table," Her design takes a minimalist approach to allow the strong message to shine through. Li is a member of the class of 2022 at the University of Michigan and aspires to continue learning and growing within the intersection between the tech and social impact.

Both of these designs are now available as limited-edition Presidio Inked cases for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max starting at $44.99 in Verizon stores and on vzw.com. Congratulations to both winners!

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