Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition: Everything you need to know

Bulletstorm has had a bit of a rocky history, with controversies over its violence and crass humor as well as a hand-off from Epic Games to Gearbox Software to remaster the title for modern platforms. It's a bit of a miracle it eventually made it to the Nintendo Switch, but it's also a good thing it did - it has a strong single-player campaign and is one of the better cooperative multiplayer FPSes available.

Whether it's your first time visiting Stygia or you're checking back in on the game after a few years, here's everything you need to know about Bulletstorm: Duke of Nintendo Switch Edition:

What is Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition?

Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition is essentially a Nintendo Switch version of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, which is a remastered version of the original Bulletstorm, which in turn was originally a 2011 FPS developed by People Can Fly and eventually remastered by Epic Games. In short, it's a shooter with a long history, a single-player story, and cooperative multiplayer.

The game takes place a few hundred years in the future and follows the story of Grayson Hunt, the leader of a black ops team called Dead Echo that works for the Confederation of Planets. Hunt and his men are tricked into killing a civilian on one of their missions, forcing the group to desert the military and make their own way through the galaxy. Most of the game takes place ten years later, as Hunt finds himself in a situation to take revenge on the man who tricked them while getting tangled up in a much larger military plot.

How do you play?

Bulletstorm's primary game mode is a single-player campaign in which you follow Hunt's story, battling mutants and enemies throughout the planet of Stygia. It's an FPS, so you'll primarily be moving through environments, shooting down enemies, and upgrading your weapons and skills (Skillshots) as you go and gain more strength.

Once you beat the main campaign, an Overkill mode (effectively a New Game+) will unlock that will allow you to replay the entire campaign, but with all the weapons and Skillshots unlocked from the beginning, so you can experiment and destroy to your heart's content.

Multiplayer modes are also present in Bulletstorm in the form of both Anarchy and Echo Mode. Anarchy puts you in squads of four and pits you against 20 waves of enemies across 12 different maps. Echo Mode is a points-based mode with numerous challenge maps (and even more added in DLC packs included for the Switch edition) that will allow you to compete with others to score the most, best kills across online leaderboards.

Is there anything new in the Nintendo Switch edition?

While Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition will not contain any brand new content, it does include the entire original single-player campaign, as well as all past add-ons and Duke Nukem DLC content (with the ability to play as Duke Nukem himself!) that was present in Full Clip Edition.

If you've only played the original Bulletstorm, know that the Switch version has all the re-recorded and new lines present in Full Clip Edition, as well as improved visuals. There is a New Game+ mode, as well as new maps added to the score-based Echo Mode in Full Clip. All content from the Gun Sonata and Blood Symphony DLCs is present as well.

When can I play?

Bulletstorm: Duke of Nintendo Switch Edition is planned for launch on the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019. Pricing and pre-orders are not yet available.

Any questions about Bulletstorm?

If you still want to know more about Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition, let me know in the comments below.

Reb Valentine