Better focus and exposure, photo management, and app integration comes to Camera+ 3.0

If you've been looking to upgrade your iPhoneography from the built-in iPhone Camera app to something a little more flexible and powerful, then check out the just released Camera+ 3. Built by photographers for photographers, the latest update not only continues Camera+'s great features and filter sets, but adds the ability to lock focus and exposure, mulit-photo imports, improved social sharing, app integration (so you can get to Camera+ from within other apps), and more.

Camera+ has long had the ability to set your exposure and focus separately while taking a photo, but today's update now allows you to lock these settings in place, independently of each other so that you can fine-tune your composition without fear of these settings changing.

The update now also allows you to important multiple photos from your library at once versus just one at a time. Also related to workflow, Camera+ now gives you the option to edit a photo immediately after capturing it, or to take many photos in a row and decide on your own when you wish to start editing.

Sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr has also been greatly improved. You can now share to all services at once -- even multiple accounts of any service at once.

The folks at tap tap tap have also released new app integration API's that allows developers to integrate Camera+ into their apps. For example, when choosing to upload a photo in Tweetbot, there is now an option to take the photo with Camera+. After you're done taking and editing the photo in Camera+, it will automatically take you back to Tweetbot and insert the photo into your tweet. Other apps that utilize Camera+ integration include WordPress, Twitterrific, Foodspotting, and Twittelator Neue.

I'm very impressed with the update so far and will spend more time with Camera+ over the coming weeks. Camera+ has always been one of those apps that was great in theory, but the UI and workflow never really clicked with me. With these added improvements, I'm willing to give Camera+ another shot.

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Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

  • I'm still not a fan of the "filmstrip" type motif in the view/edit screen. I'd rather it just be a grid. There are some neat filters and such, but I don't quite see it as a replacement for the stock camera app given my basic needs.
  • Damnit i just got used to camera awesome. guess i wont need that anymore.
  • camera awesome is free though. i bought camera+ but honestly if i'd have known on about the decent free alternatives i'd have not bought camera+. Oh you should try Camera Sharp. I've kept that over camera awesome at the moment.
  • Yup. Camera Awesome is free. Until you decide to purchase the filter packs. So essentially it costs around $10
  • Honestly, i've only used the basics features, and as i mentioned below, one, i've been using camera sharp recently (check that out. free too), and, two, because of the small screen i have trouble using or distinquishing between the types of filters so in my usage i don't use filters too often. More appealing is things like image stabalization, timers, burst etc. So in that sense a lot of these apps, for my usage have similar features. But i to you point i thought most of the filters were free just not all of them for that apps. Regardless check out camera sharp too. It does not have filters though. I does have some other features. Like something that was kinda cool was a sound activated shutter, so you can clap, and like two seconds later it will take a picture. So you don't have to set the timer then run to the spot to take a pic. I thought that was kinda cool. Now how often i use it who knows. Plus again it's a basic camera app so that may not suit everyone like it suits me.
  • I still prefer camera awesome. Camera awesome is just getting started and the folks at smugmug really know a thing or two about photography.
  • And despite the fact that it is a major (x.0, not 2.x) upgrade, it is free! Thanks tap tap tap for not gouging on the upgrade!
  • I've always liked the shooting half of this app, especially their implementation of tap to focus and second tap to set exposure. Top notch. Fast. Not clunky at all.
    The Lightbox half of the app has always been clunky and it still is. Tap Tap Tap likes their silly graphics too much. For a long time, the entire app had a DSLR graphic UI that looked like you were looking at the back of a real camera. Neat looking, horrible waste to use. They ditched that in the last major upgrade, but the filmstrips are likely to stick around.
    I think the entire process of designing apps is a lot like web design was a decade ago. There's a lot of awkward work being done in terms of user interface and especially workflow, mostly because the entire mobile experience is a whole new world in terms of design. That's why we see so many apps requiring all kinds of extra clicks to do simple things.
    I haven't tried Camera Awesome yet, so I can't compare Camera+ to that one, but compared to anything else I've tried, this is a superb camera app to shoot with. I've never hesitated to recommend it. For editing? Eh. There are so many better options. For shooting, it's great.
  • I agree. I take almost all of my photos with camera+ but wind up using photoforge 2, snapseed, and / or the built in for any tweaking.
  • i agree about the awkward parts of the interface. i've only used the filters on one pic because its really hard to see. Honestly the first thing i thought of was this should be a desktop app ass i'd rather see it big then on a tiny screen and i'd actually rather use it on my computer then my phone.
  • I am really impressed with this update. The ability to lock exposure and focus separately is killer. I took some amazing photos of dewdrops on flowers in my backyard this morning testing out the update!
  • Will it be able to get an app integration with an app like MyPics or PhotoSync, which syncs to Picasa? Because I really need that option!
  • FYI they updated the Time Warner App too and now it doesn't load. Good job Time Warner. Your camera app sucks just as bad as your cable tv picture quality.
  • and they are still missing "real" HDR.
    That's the main reason why I still (have to) use the native :-(
    Camera+'s "clarity" filter just makes the photos uglier most of the time...
  • I still prefer ProCamera. Same features, e.g. separate focus and exposure, white balance etc, but also records video and even scans QR codes. Also has slightly more comprehensive editing options, e.g. brightness, exposure etc. Doesn't support multiple account sharing, but I don't need that. For lots of filters I prefer dedicated apps like FX Photo Studio or Photo Toaster.
  • I still use the native app when I've gotta get in fast (lock screen access FTW), but when I have the time to set it up, Camera+ is my "go to" for the ease in setting up separate focus/exposure. The upgrade just bettered the functionality!
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