Camera+ update lets you save higher quality photos, brings auto front-facing camera flash

One of our favorite camera apps for the iPhone has received an update to deliver better image quality. Camera+ has now been updated to version 6.1 and allows discerning users to save images with lossless compression in the TIFF file format to retain better image details and have a higher quality photo as a result. The trade-off with saving a TIFF file, compared to a traditional JPEG, is that the TIFF format will consume more storage space on your phone.

For those of you who are willing to sacrifice your precious storage space for the sake of capturing and saving the absolute highest quality images you can get with your iPhone, this feature's for you. With this setting, your photos are stored and processed in the TIFF format with lossless compression. Pro quality isn't the kind of setting you'll typically want to use all the time, but for those extra-special shots where you want the utmost in quality, this will definitely do the trick.

In addition to the TIFF format, the new version of Camera+ also introduces an auto-flash mode for using the front-facing camera on your iPhone:

But now in Camera+ 6.1, you also have an Auto setting for it so that you can let the little gnome that lives in your iPhone decide whether it should be on or off.

The new version will work on either iOS 7 or iOS 8 for those who have not taken the plunge and updated to Apple's latest mobile operating system.

What do you think of the lossless compression with the TIFF file format? Will you be using Camera+ more now to retain more details in your iPhoneography?

Chuong H Nguyen