Can you create your own Dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening?

Can you create your own Dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening?

How does the Dungeon Creator work?

The Dungeon Creator lets you place dungeon rooms onto a grid and form your own custom dungeon. The rooms are taken from dungeons you've already cleared before and will match whatever is inside them. So, if you've cleared a dungeon with a room full of slimes, you'll be able to add that room to your dungeon. You can place the rooms however you like on the grid. Each room needs a way in and out, and all doorways in the dungeon should be connected. Also, the dungeon has a Boss Room somewhere inside.

At the start, you won't have every room you might want to use. But every time you clear a new dungeon, Dampe will add all that dungeon's room to the Dungeon Creator. If you want more tools to work with, simply go beat a new dungeon!

Unfortunately, you can't customize the inside of each dungeon room. Whatever is inside is what was in the room in its original form. You can't place enemies or obstacles. You'll have to work with what the game has already. Once you finish making a dungeon in the dungeon creator, Dampe will prompt you to clear it.

How do I access the Dungeon Creator?

You won't be able to access the Dungeon Creator right at the start of the game. A few hours or so in, you'll come upon a hut in Tal Tal Heights (if you played Link's Awakening DX, it's where the Camera Shop used to be!). Inside is Dampe the Gravedigger, a recurring Zelda franchise character who in this incarnation is really into watching you clear dungeons. So much so, he's made a whole Dungeon Creator for you to build and then clear your own! You can visit him any time to create and battle through customizable dungeons.

Do amiibo have any effect on the Dungeon Creator?

Yes! Tapping an amiibo into the Dungeon Creator can have different effects, such as adding a "plus effect" (the Link's Awakening amiibo sends a Shadow Link to chase you through the dungeon, for instance) and other Legend of Zelda amiibo will unlock new rooms for you to customize with.

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