Can you film video with the Polaroid Mint Camera & Printer?

Can you film video with the Polaroid Mint Camera & Printer?

Best Answer: Unfortunately no, the Polaroid Mint Camera & Printer is only capable of shooting still photos. However, capturing photos with the Polaroid Mint is super easy and fun, as it includes a selfie mirror, automatic LED flash, three color modes, a 10-second timer, classic Polaroid frames, and vibrant prints. If there is ZINK paper loaded into the camera, your photos are printed automatically, but the Polaroid Mint can also use a microSD card up to 256GB to store digital copies of your snaps.Amazon: Polaroid Mint Instant Digital Camera ($94)

So I can only use the Polaroid Mint Camera & Printer for still shots?

That's correct. The Polaroid Mint is an instant camera, so you pretty much point the camera at what you want to shoot, push the button, and bam! You've taken a photograph, and the Mint will automatically print the image that you just took, as long as there's some ZINK Zero Ink paper loaded in there.

Of course, there are a few more features that make the Polaroid Mint worth having. The camera itself is meant to be used vertically, just like your smartphone. It's an interesting new approach to instant cameras since it is a nice tribute to the modern way of doing things. It can also be used in low-light situations, because the camera senses when there isn't enough light, triggering the LED flash automatically for your photos.

Point the camera at what you want to shoot, push the button, and bam! You've taken a photograph.

Even though the Polaroid Mint is an instant camera, it still gives the users a few choices when it comes to how the photos turn out. The Mint is capable of three modes, which you can cycle through with the buttons on the side: Color, B&W, and Sepia. Keep in mind that you can't change the mode for the picture after it's been captured, so choose wisely! All of them come out great though since the ZINK paper always comes out nice and vibrant.

Since this is Polaroid, of course, they give you the option to add the classic Polaroid frame to your prints. This lets you add dates or captions to your photos. The ZINK prints also have a peel-off adhesive back, so it's possible to stick the photos on notebooks and other flat surfaces. A protective coating on the print also helps preserve your memory for a lifetime.

And because we all love to take selfies, the Polaroid Mint also has a small selfie mirror on the front, so you can line everything up for a perfect self-portrait.

The Mint supports microSD card storage but that's just for stills

The Polaroid Mint works with microSD cards up to 256GB in size. This is optional, but it is useful since you'll have a digital copy of your photos stored on the card as a backup. Plus, if you're out of paper, then any captures are saved on the memory card for you to access later. However, any photos that are stored on the microSD cannot be printed out later, as the printer part of the camera only works for new captures.

Despite that, the Mint is not capable of taking videos, even with the option of digital storage. Polaroid Mint Camera & Printer features a 16-megapixel sensor for still photos only. Plus, there is no screen on the camera itself, so it would be impossible to see what is being recorded if it were capable of video, anyway.

Instant cameras, in general, are made for capturing photos and printing them out instantly. If you are looking for a great way to capture video, a newer model iPhone should be great for the job.

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