Can you use the Mophie Juice Pack Access with Charge Force accessories?

Can you use the Mophie Juice Pack Access with Charge Force accessories?

The magnetization of Charge Force

Mophie's line of Charge Force cases and bases was created so users could conveniently charge their iPhones wirelessly. Like many car dashboard mounts, these work by magnetizing your phone to the base in an upright position. While Charge Force is compatible with many of Mophie's products, it doesn't work with the Juice Pack Access. These battery cases typically don't provide the magnetization needed to hold it in place.

When we reached out to Mophie to clarify whether or not the Mophie Juice Pack Access worked with Charge Force accessories, we were told that "the Charge Force accessories, generally speaking, wouldn't work with the Juice Pack Access line; the Charge Stream line does, however."

If you want a wireless charging pad that's compatible with the Mophie Juice Pack Access, consider this Stream Pad+. It'll do the trick for you. But it won't hold your iPhone upright. The Juice Pack Access comes in three different iPhone models: X/XS, XS Max, and XR.

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