Best answer: The Megaboom 3 doesn't support Bluetooth hands-free profile (HFP) so it doesn't have speakerphone functionality. This means it won't work with products like Apple Siri or Google Voice like previous Boom speakers. Therefore, we recommend the Megablast instead. If you need the best Siri compatibility, however, go with the HomePod.

HomePod and nothing else for now

To date, the only speaker that is fully integrated with Siri is Apple's corded HomePod. This type of integration allows you to use so-called "hot words" to ask questions, control music, and more. Some speakers are compatible with Apple AirPlay 2, which means you can use the voice assistant on your iPhone or iPad to control playback on the speaker. Again, this isn't full compatibility, but it still allows you to use Siri, which the Megaboom 3 won't allow.

If not Megaboom 3 ...

Interestingly, if you want to use tap-to-talk and gain Apple Siri integration, you'll need to select the first generation Megaboom. It and the Boom 2 also support Google Now. Unfortunately, this comes with some key limitations when compared to the newer model.

The Megaboom 3 is easier to charge, offers more powerful sound, and is waterproof. Plus, there's the so-called magic button, which lets you play, pause, and skip tracks directly from the speaker.

With this in mind, we wouldn't recommend the original Megaboom just because it supports Apple Siri. If you want to stick with Ultimate Ears, want a large speaker, and need a voice assistant, the better choice is the Megablast. No, it doesn't have Siri integration. Instead, it works with Amazon Alexa. Beyond this, however, it's mostly similar to the Megaboom 3. It offers 16 hours of battery life between charges, rated IP67, and includes a 45-feet wireless range.

Our pick


Like the Megaboom 3, but ...

We're sticking with Ultimate Ears and selecting the Megablast if you're looking for a portal waterproof speaker with voice capabilities. It's just not compatible with Siri itself.

The one and only


Hey, Siri what's playing?

The first speaker to fully support Apple Siri, HomePod is available in black or white and makes a beautiful addition to any home. Add another one for stereo sound fun. Just remember, the HomePod is a corded solution and much more expensive than a Bluetooth speaker.

Stick with it

Megaboom 3

Even without a voice assistant, a great choice

If you've had your eyes set on the Megaboom 3 and can do without a built-in voice assistant, go for it. The Megaboom 3 will give you years of enjoyment, plenty of power for listening, and the portability you expect from Ultimate Ears.

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