Can you use USB-C to charge the Mophie Juice Pack Access?

Can you use USB-C to charge the Mophie Juice Pack Access?

Best Answer: Yes, the charging port on the bottom of the battery case is a USB-C. Using it charges both the battery case and the attached phone.Case in point: Mophie Juice Pack Access iPhone X/Xs ($100 at Amazon)

Charging Options

There are a few different ways to charge this phone and battery case duo:

Wirelessly: When placed on a wireless charging pad, both the Mophie Juice Pack Access and the attached iPhone are charged. This is the slowest charging process available to you, so it's better to use a cable if you need to get to a full battery quickly. Wireless charging works to repower your iPhone first before sending power to the battery case.

USB-C port: The Mophie Juice Pack Access's USB-C port is located on the bottom of the device next to the Lightning port. When an iPhone is in position and the USB-C cable is attached, both the battery case and the phone get charged. The Juice Pack Access gives your iPhone priority by sending power to the phone first before charging the battery case.

Lightning port: Since this Mophie battery case doesn't cover the Lightning port on the iPhone, you'll still be able to plug the Lightning cable into your phone when it's attached to the battery case. Charging the phone does not charge the Juice Pack Access.

USB-C port and Lightning port: Since both ports are accessible it's possible to have a cable running to either device at the same time. If you're willing to keep both cables handy, this will definitely cut down the time it takes to bring both devices to a full charge.

We contacted Mophie customer support and clarified that the Mophie Juice Pack Access does support PD fast charging. So you can get your phone and battery case charging faster if you use that charging option.

What else does a USB-C port allow?

Since there are two ports available to you, your phone and battery case can charge together using a USB-C cable while you use the Lightning port for accessories. This means you can listen to music, or take calls using wired headphones while your phone charges, which is something you can't do when using the Apple Smart Battery Case.

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