Carcassonne celebrates five years on the App Store with expansion bundle, Mac version announced

Carcassone on iPad mini
Carcassone on iPad mini (Image credit: iMore)

Carcassonne is celebrating its fifth year on the App Store. To celebrate, all of the game's expansions are being collected into a single bundle for one in-app purchase. All seven expansions, ranging in price from $0.99-$1.99, are now available together for $4.99.

In addition to this bundle, TheCodingMonkeys have announced a Mac version of Carcassonne. It will be a full-featured version of the game of OS X, and will allow you to play against your friends on iOS through Game Center. The developers haven't announced a date for Carcassonne for Mac, saying only that it will be available in late 2015.

Joseph Keller

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