Cardiobot App Store ScreensSource: Majid Jabrayilov

What you need to know

  • CardioBot has been updated to include support for iOS 14 and Apple Watch Series 6.
  • The latter means CardioBot can now read the data collected by the blood oxygen sensor.
  • The entire user experience and interface have also been redone.

The excellent heart and fitness tracker CardioBot has been updated to version 5.0, not only adding support for Apple Watch Series 6's new blood oxygen sensor but also completely reworking the entire user interface and experience.

CardioBot is capable of tracking things like heart rate, workouts, meditations, sleep, resting heart rate, and HRV. And because CardioBot ties into HealthKit, all of this data is funneled into the Health app, too.

I've built CardioBot from scratch with a new UI and UX.

CardioBot uses the latest studies from AHA and Mayo Clinic that should help you to maintain your health.

It has brand new features like trends, blood oxygen, heart rate points, and home screen widgets.

The newly updated interface is a pleasure to use and everything is well presented in as an accessible way as you can expect for data that, frankly, is complicated. Graphs and other trend data are all present and correct and the Apple Watch is just as well designed.

You can download the newly updated CardioBot right now, directly from the App Store. It's free, with in-app purchases available.

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